Creative BioMart, a biotechnology company that provides quality protein products and protein manufacturing techniques, now provides a wide collection of lysates for research use.


Cell lysis is a critical sample preparation step for studies of intracellular processes, such as in the "-omic" sciences, with the major challenge being to achieve high lysis efficiency while preserving sample integrity. Mechanical, physical, chemical, and/or biological methods have been used for cell disruption depending on the purpose and cell type. For mammalian cells, relatively gentle procedures such as acoustic, optical, electromagnetic, mechanical, and chemical are frequently used.


Nowadays, Creative BioMart provides a variety of lysates, such as over-expression lysates, tissue lysates, cell line lysates, and stem cell lysates. Tissue and cell lysates at Creative BioMart can be used for electrophoresis, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity analysis, protein-protein interaction analysis, and tissue specific expression identification. These lysates are also excellent positive controls for immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity analysis, and protein-protein interaction analysis.


Main category of lysates provided by Creative BioMart

Over-expression lysates

Over-expression lysates at Creative BioMart provide a cost-effective option as assay standards in Western blot. Hot products include: Recombinant Human ATF1 293 Cell Lysate, Recombinant Human SMN1 293 Cell Lysate.


Tissue Lysates

Tissue lysate panels of plant and animal origin, including mouse, rat, bovine, guinea pig, hamster, monkey, etc., are available for immediate use in Creative BioMart.


Cell Line Lysates

Human and Mouse cell line lysates are available from Creative BioMart and are ideal for Western blotting. Homogenization in modified RIPA buffer is used to prepare all lysates.


Membrane Lysates

Creative BioMart provides Membrane Lysates of Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, and Other Origins.


Stem Cell Lysates

Products include: bmMSCs(human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell) whole cell lysate, hES-TW1(human embryonic stem cell) whole cell lysate, ES-D3 (mouse pluripotent embryonic stem cell) whole cell lysate, and ES-E14TG2a (mouse pluripotent embryonic stem cell) whole cell lysate.


“Our lysates have been validated and are available in a variety of normal, tumor, and disease-characterized tissues.” Commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.

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