2021Shoes have long surpassed the audience of athletes and have become the main sports shoes for almost everyone. As we can see from their "have A Good Game" package, Nike even actively creates styles inspired by different audiences. This game-inspired series continues to expand as it acquires a brand new Nike Air Force 1 product. This newly launched style is obsessed with the standard smooth white leather foundation, but has chosen creative materials and textures for its contoured Swooshes and heel labels. These checkmarks are given digital inspiration, and the matte black appearance of the grid is reminiscent of a computer screen. The aqua-green plastic sheet on the back of the Swooshes and on the heel further acts as hardware, imitating the appearance of LED lights. Similar to the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel in the series, game-inspired graphics are also printed on the heel label. Even the text "HAVE A GOOD GAME" will appear in the next dialogue. The translucent rubber outsole adds a final touch of the future.

Since 2020, the film industry has been severely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Calls for social distancing led to a drop in theater attendance, which in turn led to delays in movie releases. Most famously, James Bond's new movie "No Time To Die" has been postponed many times. However, what is certain is that the 25th James Bond movie will hit the big screen on October 8. To celebrate this milestone in film history, 2021 Yeezy Boost launched an Ultraboosts sneaker inspired by the scenes and characters in the upcoming movie. This product should be on the market a year ago and consists of three adidas Ultraboost 20 models, adidas Ultraboost DNA models and adidas Ultraboost SUMMER.RDY models. Two of the Ultraboost 20 series have an invisible all-black appearance, but they are actually printed on the liner with a scene from "No Time To Die" as a pattern. The remaining Ultraboost 20 and SUMMER. RDY was inspired by Bond’s enemy-the new Safin and long-time rival Spector. This allows Ultraboost's DNA to represent himself, because it has a smooth cream appearance that reflects the exquisite style of the spy. In addition, 007 movie logos are also printed on the insoles, such as "Casino Royale" and "007 Breaking the Sky".

After a brief interruption, Nike Air Griffey Max 1 is back, appearing in a new autumn suitable "wheat" color scheme. By doing this, Contour takes another step forward in lifestyle. Hey Dude Women's Shoes ,There is no doubt that its structure is of high quality, with thick, textured suede leather chosen. The white embroidery, then, forms a swish along the toes and heels, while matching-in color, not execution-shoelaces, midsole, and logo hits sitting adjacent. Finally, a chewing gum bottom completes the entire bag, making it look completely different from past "freshwater" products. As early as March of this year, Eames Office announced that they would join the Reebok family this fall. But apart from this confirmation, almost no information about this partnership was revealed, which made many people guess what would happen next. Fortunately, Leo Gamboa gave us a huge clue, he just shared a pair of F&F club c inspired by Eames House case study 8. The color scheme is simple and clear, which is a replica of the best style of Club C. White leather fully runs the entire construction, matching laces and midsole. Elsewhere, the tanned tongue exudes a subtle retro feel, sandwiched in the middle, paired with the expanded co-branding. The side is also customized as "EAMES"-colored letters-instead of the usual Reebok text. In addition, the color on the box is the same as the appearance of the aforementioned structure.