Babies under one year old are relatively weak, and they are very susceptible to colds when the season changes. And children's cold is the biggest headache for parents. For example, if the baby has a runny nose, the baby's nose is very fragile, and he can't suck his nose spontaneously. So what should I do if my baby has nasal mucus in his nose?

How to deal with nasal mucus in your baby's nose:

1. Younger babies can't suck their own nose, so parents can use a baby nose aspirator to suck out the snot from the baby's nose, which is not only convenient and fast, but also won't hurt the baby. But you need to pay attention when using it.

nasal suction device

2. Parents can use cotton swabs to roll out the baby's nasal discharge when the nasal discharge is relatively sticky. Before using the cotton swab, you can drip a small amount of water on the cotton swab, so as not to damage the baby's nasal cavity because the cotton swab is hard.

3. Parents can also use a warm towel to help the baby suck his nose. Applying a hot towel to the baby can make the baby's nose unobstructed, and the mucus in the nose will also flow out. When using this method, you must pay attention to the movement to be light.

A nasal mucus in the baby's nose may be a cold. Parents must pay more attention to prevent the condition from getting worse. When your baby has a cold, pay attention to the indoor air circulation. Don't let the baby come into contact with pathogens or wool and other items. You can also strengthen exercise at ordinary times.