The export sector of India has seen many changes and is still seeing changes.

The India export data shows that India’s export sector has moved towards high value goods.

India has set a good target in order to improve the performance of exports and also while making the economy of the country strong.

The import export data also shows that Indian exports reached around 440 $ in the year 2022 with an increase of 46 % from the previous year’s data. This was due to an increase in demand for Indian products. like chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The reason for the growth in exports is that the target for Indian exports has changed a little bit. This post will tell you about the targets that are set by the export sector. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

The focus of the Indian exporters?

With the help of India Import data we got to know that India has started producing good quality goods and now deals in different products like engineering goods, organic and electronic goods as well.

The change in products and planning shows that the Indian exporters want to do something big and want to capture a high value market as well.

With the help of the trade data, we can see what products, strategies and ways the Indian exporter are using to meet the target  Some of the targets that are set by them are below.

Changing the products: Earlier India used to export only a few products that were in demand and every other person wanted to export those products only and no one was trying out other categories.

This led to a slow growth in the export sector.

Trying high value products: The government has launched many schemes to help exporters which also cut their costs and help them make profits. Make in India is one initiative that the government has launched has encouraged people to become self sufficient and produce goods on their own and export to other countries.

The more exports are there the more it will help the economy to grow.

Dealing in Defense Items:  As the exports from India are growing it is now expected to touch the target of $5 billion in defense items only by the end of the next year.

With the help of the government's focus on manufacturing goods in India and becoming self sufficient by using the latest technologies will lead to constant growth in this sector.

Dealing in clean energy and green hydrogen exports :

According to the import Trade data, India is one of the major countries for trading purposes. A lot of the country’s economy depends on trade with India.

India is willing to become a global hub for green hydrogen production and exports.

With its commitment to clean energy transition and ambitious renewable energy targets India has the potential to create a significant demand for green hydrogen.

This also allows India to help in the cause of climate change.


These were the targets that the Indian exporters are trying to set for the upcoming years. If you want to know more about targets or export data then Siomex is the best place to go.

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