Whether in academics or business, the need for unique content is always a priority. This brings the concern for plagiarism-free writing. Now, the best solution for a genuine writing piece is AI-embedded ai essay typer  tools.

Gone are those days when you had to sit through numerous books for hours to cite your text. And that’s where the AI-based essay grader comes to help. It saves you time and much more!

Check below and learn more -

  1. Identifies text patterns easily

The power of AI-based plagiarism detectors can run through each text and scan the similarities in patterns of your sentences. essay maker For example, a plagiarism scanner can identify the altered words in your sentence. This can help you in changing a particular sentence with another version.

  1. Provides better suggestions

Such tools not only trace the copied text but give you ideas on how to replace them. On every highlighted text, there will be suggested synonyms. You can click and choose the appropriate words and frame a new sentence. In fact, some plagiarism tools can also detect other factors like grammatical mistakes, readability scores, etc.

  1. Saves time with bulk checking

You might have multiple deadlines on the same day, and none of your copies have been checked. That’s when you must access a plagiarism detector tool for faster work. essay tool, In fact, you can check copies with a large word count! Through a web crawler, it can find matches with your assignments in only a few seconds.

Now that you know how AI-based plagiarism tools can help, try it yourself.