The Manufacturing Process
The first step when making a pair of eyeglasses frames manufacturers’s eyeglasses is to make the frame. While the process varies depending on the materials used, die-cutting is a common way frames are manufactured after a certain style is designed. A variety of steps are taken to cut and smooth the material into the final product, including riveting, curving, and polishing. The temples and other pieces of the frames must be assembled and completed before the lens can be placed.

When making lenses, both human interaction and machinery are used to ensure precision and quality. The lenses must first be measured and shaped to match the frames. A block of plastic is then selected and cut to fit these measurements. For glasses that require prescription lenses, this information is entered into a computer system, which is used to curve and cut the lenses to the appropriate thickness to accommodate the prescription. The lenses are then polished, engraved, and inspected to ensure they meet quality expectations. Next, any tints or coatings are applied before the lenses are heated or chemically-treated to easily insert into the frames.

Now that you understand how prescription eyeglasses are made and what different frames and lens options are available, you can choose a pair that best fits your needs. Search our inventory for eyeglasses frames factory that you like, enter your prescription and lens options, and we’ll take care of the rest!