This is one way to look at it! There are enough players! What about a different perspective? "No it won't be successful RS3 Items. There's nothing to distinguish this game from similar games. It is very simplistic in its combat system, employing the "scissorpaper-rock" system that is difficult to design.

Jagex stunned everyone with their backing for "JCredits" shortly after War of Legends was released. It is a way to pay real money in order to get an advantage in the game. To some players, this appears to be completely contrary to their usual policy regarding what they refer to as "real world trading". In-game items for real world money. Jagex apparently likes the idea so long as they can get the money.

What do players think about Jcredits? "I prefer that play the game with a modest fee than receiving benefits as a member. Jcredits can be used to buy in-game items. As in Runescape, which doesn't require you to spend any real money to get an edge on the game. Let's end this by saying a few phrases about JCredits, which I find very fitting.

"I find them ridiculous because Jagex will make you spend real money to gain access to. Jagex has set the bar higher by making it mandatory to make micro-transactions within the game Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. The game would be dull without JCredits.