There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a garage. First of all, who is promised to trust your car. It is very important not to trust your car to a non-competent employee who does not know your job well. In this case, you run the risk of your vehicle not being properly repaired. So always pay attention to which garage to choose. This can determine how well your car will be tidied up. It is always recommended to choose well-appreciated customer service stations in order to take care of your car one hundred percent. Important attention should also be paid to what car parts the car service works with. When choosing a particular garage, it is important to pay attention to what services it provides. It is always much more pleasant to handle a car in one place so that it does not have to be transported to different foremen. Also, if you do not have much time to travel to car repair shops in Kaunas, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that some car repair shops provide the service, when the employees arrive at your specified place, pick up the car and return it where it is convenient.