New World Coins is the lifeblood of this gameplay, if you want to keep enough items and equipments in your inventory, you cannot leave without this kind of currency! So, how do you earn New World Coins? Here are some effective ways for you!

How to Make Money in New World


Completing missions is the first and the most obvious way of getting some coins. Every quest you finish will give you some gold and experience points. You can take new quests in the Settlements. This way isn’t the fastest one and you will have to spend a lot of time before you will be able to earn enough. We don’t recommend this method as the main one simply because it doesn’t give enough rewards while it consumes a lot of time.

Selling Loot

When you complete quests and explore the world you meet a lot of enemies. You can kill them, collect loot, and sell it to vendors. The enemy may even drop an item that suits your playstyle and you will be able to replace your previous gear with the new one without purchasing it. The bad side is that low-level loot is too cheap. You will not be able to make a decent income using this method in the beginning.

Crafting Items that sell a lot of gold

Crafting is a core gameplay element in New World. There are multiple crafting skills that allow the player to combine gathered and refined resources to create consumables, weapons, apparel, and house furnishings. When you craft these items, you can sell them for money! But this earning gold method is not suitable for new beginners! In a word, if you a beginner, you cannot craft anything valuable for that it will take some time to level up your crafting abilities to the level where it’s worth crafting to make gold. Top crafters can earn a lot of coins, the more superb crafting skill you own, the better items you can make.

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