Are Sparkler Machines Safe? In the hands of a trained and licensed professional, spark machines are a good option to dazzle your audience with a fantastic effect. However, they are able to pose a fire hazard if used improperly.


Cold spark machines use Titanium powder to produce the sparks, however they try not to burn at the same temperature as a normal sparkler fountain. The titanium granules are safe to the touch and therefore are non-flammable, without any foul smell.


No fire hazard


Sparkler machines try not to pose a fire hazard as they do not use elements such as flamer that are flammable create the sparks. They simply heat granules of zirconium and titanium to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be less than the average body's temperature. This is why them safe to be used indoors, even in areas with flammable decorations or fabrics.


We do not offer permits for use of these machines. Some venues might require. This machine requires a DMX board. Please add the DMX board option if you do not have one. This machine does not come with hand held remote Presenting EddyLight Pro Spark, Spinning Cool Sparkler Machine! This High Quality Cold Sparkler Machine Shoots Flame-less Sparks up to 16ft! Add-on Options Refill powder. Each bag allows for 8 to 15 minutes of consistent run time. Specs: Download User Manual Please click on this li


However, you should keep in mind that sparklers still emit sparks once they burn, and also the operator must take safety that is appropriate to avoid injury or damage. These measures include keeping the sparkler away from combustible materials, using a shorter duration, and following any disposal that is special supplied by the venue or event coordinator.


A fountain of cold sparks is a beautiful solution to add excitement to any occasion. You can customize your show by adjusting values like height and volume to obtain the right effect. Sparkler machines also offer a great selection for weddings, as well as can be used along with fog machines to make a atmosphere that is magical.


No foul smell


Unlike traditional production-grade pyrotechnics, sparkler machines do not pose a foul smell as they are completely safe to utilize. They only emit a small level of smoke and generally are not flammable, making them ideal for indoor events.


Description Safe not harmful and do not emit any smell sparks, Instead of the traditional fireworks X-axis direction adjustment 540 degreesY-axis direction adjustment 120 degrees The machine can spray the height of the flame can reach 5 meters offering you fantastic effects. The moving head electric sparkler has five DMX12 control channels, and each of these channels offers a unique operational use. Durable and good quality materials, Light and compact, versatile for multiple locations. Please N


Sparkler machines can help create stunning effects for your personal day. Whether you intend to surprise your guests with a grand entrance or have a spectacular first dance, a sparkler machine will add that wow factor. Also they are a fantastic solution to create a magical exit that is grand.


These unique, non-flammable effect that is special will be the perfect solution with battery spark machine for the next event. They're not only safe to use, but also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They also run on 110-120VAC, this means in almost any venue that you can use them. However, you have to make sure your venue has a fire suppression system set up before renting these devices. This can make sure that your wedding is as safe as you can.


User friendly


Sparkler machines are perfect for weddings since they will offer a display that is fireworks-like the fire risk. This makes it safe for guests, performers, and catering staff. In addition they create no smoke, so they’re ideal for indoor venues.


This contains an image of: spark fountain machine indoor firework non-pyrotechnic sparkler for stage effects


And also being safe for everybody, sparkler machine fountains are easy to use. They can be controlled via a remote control or DMX512 console. This enables the operator to regulate both the height of this sparkle injection (up to 16 feet into the  air) in addition to volume of the sparkles. They may be able even be programmed to execute tricks like chases and bumps.


While sparkler fountain machines could be safer than traditional pyrotechnics, they still pose a fire hazard when utilized by untrained professionals. For this reason, they need to be operated by a flame that is licensed technician with proper safety equipment and insurance. This consists of working closely with local fire authorities and venue management. Licensed flame effect technicians will go far beyond to keep their customers, guests, and the public safe.




Sparkler machines are an affordable choice to atart exercising . sparkle and excitement to your special event. Also they are an alternative that is excellent pyrotechnics that want expensive and extensive fire code permits.


Cold spark machines use a non-flammable titanium powder like in instant spark machine to generate fireworks-like effects with no risk of burning guests or damaging venue decorations and furniture. One sachet of the powder lasts for as much as 15 minutes. Some models even permit you to sync the effect with LED lights and music for a experience that is completely customizable.


Cold spark machines


However, if you plan to wear a headdress or other fancy hairstyle at your wedding, remember that sparks from the machine can hit them and catch on fire. In addition, you ought to maintain the machine far from any combustible items and ensure that guests are not standing too close to the unit. You are able to try combining a sparkler machine with a fog machine for a effect that is spectacular.