Observation Elevators Factory introduces the safe operation requirements of villa elevators:

1. The load must be evenly distributed when carrying people and objects in the ladder cage, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

2. When the villa elevator runs every shift, it must run with no load and full load. The ladder cage must be raised about 1m from the ground to stop, check the sensitivity of the brake, and then continue to go up the floor platform, check the safety protection door, upper limit, front and rear door limits, It can be put into operation only after confirming that it is normal.

3. When the elevator runs to the upper and lower floors, the buttons should still be operated, and it is strictly forbidden to stop the elevator by the method of automatic collision with the stroke limit switch.

4. Double cage elevator When one cage is under maintenance or overhaul outside the cage, the other cage must not run.

5. During the operation of the elevator, the driver is not allowed to make any actions that hinder the operation of the elevator, and must not leave the operating post. He should always observe the sound, temperature, smell and foreign obstacles of each part of the elevator. If any abnormality is found, the driver should stop and check and deal with it in time. The fault has not been eliminated. Operation is strictly prohibited.

6. Before starting the villa elevator, the horn must be sounded for warning, and there should be sufficient lighting for night operation.