When attempting to find the path that leads to God's truth and the ability to find peace, we can find ourselves within a maze of ideas and concepts that not only don't help, but often makes things even more unclear than before. Our minds can easily go awash with thoughts such as:

"If only the path to God were simple, then I would surely follow it. If only God would make spiritual concepts easier to understand, then I would more easily follow him. If only God did not hide his truths from the world, I would know for sure, how to follow them."

This line of thinking echoes in our thoughts from time to time, as we wish for an easier and more simple solution. We're not necessarily asking for the "Idiots Guide to Heaven", but it can appear as though there is something wrong with God in making the return trip to him so difficult and confusing. Besides, if Jesus truly did love us, couldn't he have made things just a little easier to understand? Couldn't he have just embraced the KISS concept of Keep It Simple Savior and laid everything plainly for us to see?

Although often clouded within the varied belief systems of this world, Jesus did provide answers to our questions. The one theme that flowed through all his true teachings was that the path to truth and God is very simple. He stated that we need only be as a child in order to be open to reach God. This means that we simply look up to our heavenly father as any child looks up to their earthly father, and simply trust that he will take care of us.

Since a young child can't understand why or how his father does things, neither should we try to understand why or how our heavenly Father does things. Just look up and trust that he will take care of you because it's mainly when we attempt to fathom how spiritual things work that we complicate our relationship with God. Be a child and trust your parent without a single thought or pre-conceived idea of how or why spiritual things work. It's best not to get pre-occupied with concepts of reincarnation, or if spirits speak to us from beyond or if there is some higher spiritual level we can attain. These are all acim  and idols that will stand before God and hinder our communication with him.

You are not alone in your curiosity of spiritual workings. Jesus' disciples asked for an explanation of heaven and other spiritual things and Jesus did not try to explain it to them. Instead he replied to them and said that since they did not even understand most earthly things, they should not concern themselves with trying to understand spiritual things. In other words, you won't understand it, so don't waste any of your time or resources on trying to figure out what can never be fully understood until we finally do return to our Father.

So then, if the path to God is easy enough for even a child to grasp, why have hundreds of religions sprouted over thousands of years, all with various ideas of what is necessary to reach God? This reason goes back to our original mad idea that created what appears to be our separation from God, when we chose to fear the will of God. Since we now inherently fear what we believe God wants from us or will do to us, this has severely degraded our ability to listen to him. In place of simply trusting God, we made up our own ideas of what we think God demands from us in order to please him. We tend to love drama and assume calamity is due, so we refuse to believe there can be a simple answer and therefore, we look for answers where there are no answers to find. When these efforts bear no fruit, we assume we're falling short of hitting the mark and then we add even more layers of complexity to our path.

So, since we have aspired to totally confound the simple message from God, how can anyone find the simple solution now that so many things have complicated it? We can start by finding the few pieces of simple truth that have not yet been messed with. Let's take a look at a few from the Bible.