NBA players will receive their overall ratings for the upcoming season at various times throughout the season, sometimes on their own initiative, sometimes at the request of the players. This frequently results in debates over whether players overestimated, underestimated, or correctly evaluated themselves. Players' enthusiasm for participating in the new game, as well as their decision to purchase NBA 2K MT, will be influenced by player ratings, game popularity, and other factors.

NBA 2K has released the player ratings for the top ten NBA players. Four of them received the highest ratings in a tie. Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant all had a total rating of 96 points, while Kevin Durant had a rating of 95 points. Following these four, Nikola Jokic, Kawhi Leonard, and Joel Embiid are the only other NBA players to have a rating of 95 points. These three players are all from Serbia. It was also revealed on Wednesday what their player ratings were for Tokyo Olympic superstars Luka Doncic and Damian Lillard. There were 94 points in total from their ratings, which tied them with James Harden for third place overall in NBA 2K22. Player ratings will influence how players are used in NBA 2K22 as well as whether or not to purchase NBA 2K22 MT.

So, what were the reactions of NBA players to their NBA 2K22 ratings? The players, like the players in real life, are concerned with their ratings in NBA 2K. The difference is that players consider the game performance in NBA 2K22 and whether or not to purchase NBA 2K22 MT, whereas players are concerned with whether or not the ratings accurately reflect their own skill level. Kevin Durant stated in a TikTok video released on Wednesday following the release of NBA 2K22 player ratings that he is excellent in all aspects and that he should be ranked 99th overall. Both chilling and amusing. Durant is not the only NBA player who has expressed dissatisfaction with the ratings preview.

NBA 2K22 will not be released until Friday, September 10th, according to the company. NBA 2K22 will be released on all platforms on September 10th, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. On the subject of pricing, the standard version of NBA 2K22 costs $59.99, while the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition costs $99.99 (US dollars). Despite the fact that the price is not low, given the current popularity of NBA 2k22, they can anticipate that a large number of players will still purchase the game and continue to purchase NBA 2K22 MT in order to improve their gaming experience.