In this guide, we will cover the fundamentals of early access trading (i. e., trading before it is possible to physically play the game). However, while the information contained within is geared toward early access trading, the techniques can be applied throughout the entirety of FIFA 22.

Most importantly, ignore your personal feelings about profit margins. While early access is available, you must be content with small profits (because there are only a limited number of coins in circulation, the overall purchasing power within the community is extremely limited, and people are less likely to overpay or purchase cards that they don't require for a specific purpose). Earnings of 100-200/PAT should be regarded as substantial profits that should not deter you from continuing your quest for the first 1 million, 10 million, and 100 million!

When trading, and specifically when mass bidding, you may come across a filter that is a goldmine in itself! In the unlikely event that this occurs and you find yourself in the position of having exhausted your ability to stockpile these cards, the following method buy FIFA 22 coins will explain how to remain unassigned while still maintaining the ability to open packs (since you will be opening plenty as you complete SBCs).

Keep in mind that this method will only allow you to see the last 100 cards that have been bid on; however, with 200 total spaces available (including the transfer list), it is safe to assume that this will be more than enough space.

During Early Access, the following roles were left vacant:

1. Launch your companion/web application and do not touch anything until it has finished loading.
2. From the first page that loads, go straight into your active squad.
3. Choose a position > Search on the Transfer Market > Enter your player/filter and bid away (bench/reserves works best because you don't have to clear the default position every time).

4. Place a bid for your FIFA 22 cycle (maximum of 20 dollars).
The next page is inaccessible after you have bid a cycle of 20 times.
6. Press the back button to return to the page of your active squad and repeat steps 3/4.
7. You will only be able to bid on a total of 50x cards (cycle 1 = 20, cycle 2 = 20, cycle 3 = 10) during the tournament.
8. Once you have reached your transfer target limit, you can close your app and repeat the entire process for a new 50x maximum bid cycle (20,20,10). You can repeat this procedure as many times as you want.

First and foremost:

When you first start a club, you must choose a nationality, a badge, and a set of uniforms (home and away). Each selection has far greater significance than you may realize, so think about your choices carefully:

When you must recruit a LOAN player, do not replace a player from your chosen nation with a player from another nation. You will start with 11 players from your chosen nation (in mixed positions) - you want to keep as many of these as possible - so replace your least desirable player (from outside the league/from outside the country). In some cases, replacing the wrong player can result in a loss of up to 2,000+ FIFA 22 coins.


- Although we do not know the SBCs, we can use the SBCs from previous years as a guide to create a short-list.
- - - - - - - - - - - -The possibility of no advanced SBCs this year has been raised. Personally, I do not believe this to be true, but I have seen/heard nothing but speculation as a result of their exclusion from the beta test.
- - - - - - - - - - - -If you don't have the SBC, there is no danger in creating a shortlist; if the SBC isn't there, you can disregard your research in that cheap FIFA 22 coins particular area. You won't buy them if you don't think you'll use them, right?

What should I look into?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to research. Exploring everything that comes to mind will be fruitful!
My recommendations for new and intermediate traders who are just getting started in their research are as follows:

Top 9 nations (create a mock-squad with as many leagues as possible, but with a single nation as the basis)  Top 5 leagues (same ideology as above, but with a different focus on different nations)

Meanwhile, identify positions that are scarce (for future league SBCs), a simple club stock at discard will yield a phenomenal return on investment (ROI).

There are three or four other main methods, but these are quite advanced and will only be shared within the LEVEL'D UP Discord server under strict supervision.

During FIFA 21, two Advanced SBCS were by far the most beneficial to complete early, generating large bankrolls from lucky pulls and providing valuable club stock to continue the SBC-completion process - Around the world (Hybrid Nations) and First XI (Hybrid Leagues).

Although there is no set order in which to complete SBCS, it is important to concentrate on packs that provide players as a reward because you cannot submit consumables into an SBC (Please make me a liar EA, I won't even be mad).

It is more feasible to complete an SBC for anelectrum players pack than it is to complete an SBC for an amega pack solely for the purpose of completing an SBC. This is a personal preference that I believe makes the most logical sense - but logic and pack luck are two sides of the same coin in FIFA 22.

In addition to concentrating on player-oriented packs, you should prioritize tradeable rewards, as these can be sold for a profit. When prioritizing the order of completion, the following is a good rule of thumb to follow:

Previously, gold rare managers maintained a discard price of 256 per ounce of FIFA 22 Coins. Obtaining these cards at a price of $250 or less allowed for immediate discard profit. Even though this has not been confirmed, it is worth noting and keeping an eye on.

To put it another way, scaling is simply flipping a card in order to make a quick, minimal profit. When you flip cards quickly, the amount of transfer space becomes insignificant. As your transfer list begins to fill up, this method becomes increasingly viable.

When scalping players, you must keep in mind that your goal is to make a quick buck. If you have the X card, your bankroll will be tied to the investment. If you scalp continuously on day 1, you will be able to invest and hold your position.

Silver's trading method is widely regarded as the most effective early access trading method available. This is due to a severe lack of available supply in the market. According to the law of Supply and Demand, it will only take one general SBC that requires silver cards to have an immediate impact.

Although the list appears to be short, it contains a large number of different cards. The specifics you choose will be heavily influenced by your researchlack of positions, strong links, dual links, hype, and so on. I am not an expert in silver trading, but if you are interested in learning more, I recommend that you follow @ PaulyFutter on Twitter. He is exceptional in his knowledge of silver and is well-liked and respected in this field of trading.

This brings my basic guide to early access trading to a close. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope it will be of assistance to you in getting a good head start on the new FIFA title!