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Huawei H12-731_V2.0 (HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0) Certification Exam is a professional-level certification exam offered by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. H12-731_V2.0 exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of security professionals who work with Huawei security products and solutions. H12-731_V2.0 exam covers a wide range of security topics, including network security, application security, security management, and security technologies.

To pass the Huawei H12-731_V2.0 exam, candidates must demonstrate their ability to analyze complex security scenarios, identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, and develop effective security solutions. H12-731_V2.0 exam consists of multiple-choice questions and covers a wide range of security-related topics. Candidates who pass the exam will be certified as HCIE-Security professionals and will have demonstrated their ability to design and implement security solutions for Huawei networks. HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0 certification is highly valued in the industry and is an important credential for security professionals who want to advance their careers.

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Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. To certify professionals in the field of security, Huawei has designed the HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0 exam, also known as the H12-731_V2.0 exam. This is an advanced level exam that helps candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to designing, deploying, and managing security solutions for large-scale networks.

Huawei HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0 Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

The following description of configuring elog management, which one is wrong? (single selection).

  • A. By default eLog does not parse session creation logs, if you need to parse and display session creation logs on eLog, you need to configure them on the collector.
  • B. The time zone and time on FW must be consistent with the time zone and time on the eLog cold collector, otherwise the log viewing results will be affected.
  • C. At present, elog supports manual addition and automatic discovery of two ways to manage FW The manual addition method requires SNMP parameters to be configured on the FW.
  • D. If FW simultaneously imports session aging logs, session new logs, and periodic session logs This will cause an increase in the number of logs received by eLog Consume eLog storage space.

Answer: C

Huawei's network security intelligence system CIS can only be linked with which of the following devices to block viruses?

  • A. Firewall
  • B. SecoManager
  • C. Agile Controller-Campus
  • D. AgileController-DCN

Answer: A

When using server authentication Before visiting the business, the visitor first logs in through the client or potal authentication page The firewall then proactively obtains the user's login information (including the username and IP address used by the visitor) from the server (single selection).

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

Answer: A

Data storage security is part of the customer's overall security program It is also an important part of data center security and organizational security. Which of the following options is important to keep your data storage secure?

  • A. Ensure data integrity
  • B. Protection against data destruction
  • C. Data Backup and Recovery
  • D. Encrypted storage of data

Answer: A,B,C,D

The following is a description of DNS transparent proxy Which ones are correct? (multiple selection).

  • A. The DNS proxy function replaces the source address header in the DNS request packet.
  • B. After enabling the DNS transparent proxy function The DNS server address to replace is determined for the outgoing interface
  • C. In the case of NGFW as the exit network and the DNS server of the enterprise intranet The DNS transparent proxy function can still be implemented normally.
  • D. Two DNS requests for the same user in the case of DNS transparent proxies The replaced address may be different.

Answer: B,D


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