The Sonalika 60 is a tractor produced by the tractor manufacturing company Sonalika. It boasts impressive specifications, including a 60 horsepower engine, a 51 horsepower power take-off (PTO) rating at 2200 rpm, and a displacement of 3707 CC. With its 8 forward and 2 reverse gearbox, this tractor offers exceptional power and performance. These outstanding features contribute to its popularity and success, making it one of the most beloved and best-selling tractors in the market.They are equipped with advanced engines that deliver high power output while consuming minimal fuel, allowing farmers to reduce fuel expenses while increasing productivity. Furthermore, these tractors come with state-of-the-art transmission systems that enable smooth gear changes and precise speed control. Another outstanding feature of the Sonalika 60 tractors is their advanced hydraulic system, which enables farmers to effortlessly lift and transport heavy loads with accuracy and smoothness, making them suitable for a wide range of farming tasks. Not only are the Sonalika 60 tractors technologically advanced, but they are also competitively priced, ensuring accessibility for farmers from diverse backgrounds and financial situations. By providing cost-effective and efficient farming solutions, these tractors offer farmers the opportunity to upgrade their agricultural machinery without straining their finances, making them an excellent choice. The price range for the Sonalika DI 60 is Rs. 8.68 to 9.42 Lakh.