As Nike SB Dunk High continues to join the ranks of new sneakers around the world, Peter Moore's design has officially and informally reversed the clock, and the iteration of retail and customization has delivered an "outdated" aesthetic. As the latest member of this growing trend, this model is obsessed with the arrangement of grayscale colors. Similar to the most iconic Nike dunk shoe since 1985, this new pair of shoes has a two-tone palette of smooth leather uppers. The light gray undertone lays the foundation for the darker undertone, which replaces the paneling around the toes, along the tongue and the entire heel. On the surface, this further echoes the style of the past, in which the shoelaces are in sharp contrast with the surrounding environment. This is definitely for the wearer’s tendency to use whatever they want when they wear original, color-matched shoelaces. An affirmation of a set of shoelaces. Under the feet, the gray stand features a yellowish midsole complemented by a cool gray outsole.

Because of YEEZY Day, for New Release Yeezy, August is a busy month related to sports shoes. While he continued to argue with his main label about the unauthorized release of "DONDA", "ye" had already prepared another monthly release full of Adidas yeezy. There must be some surprises on the sleeves of Mr. West’s VETEMENTS jacket, but so far, the most anticipated September releases are Yeezy Slide’s "Soot", "Pure" and "Glow Green". These two forefront color schemes have released a lot of publicity before, with the third listed option to provide a fresh air to the empire supported by West's Adidas. The price is $60, and the sliding sleeve proposal is still the cheapest YEEZY at present. After the Labor Day weekend, the original YEEZY 450, YEEZY quantum "Onyx" and shaded YEEZY desert boots are expected to be released. As mentioned earlier, you may have some secret partners on the road, but only time will tell.

Although Reebok Kamikaze II is no longer the brand's latest and greatest proposition, Air Jordan 1 Fearless it still attracts the hearts of many basketball and sneaker enthusiasts. Recently, this model started a journey of memories. It appeared in the color "black/pink/sun gold", inspired by the 1996 NBA All-Star debut. Although this pair of jerseys was designed for and worn by Sean Kemp of the Seattle SuperSonics (please, give me back!), the colors of the newly launched jerseys indirectly borrow the colors of the San Antonio Spurs in the mid-90s. The jersey (and the jersey of the Western Conference team in 1996). All "black" suede occupies most of the upper of the sneaker, and the more eye-catching near-fluorescent orange, pink and green make the sides, lining and soles vivid. The above-mentioned color tone is reminiscent of Parker's "Remember the Alamo" collaboration in August 2013. The unapologetic 90s style matches Reebok's bold design.