d4 items players have unearthed numerous secret post-credits endings that tease the return of 1 of the series’ most well-known villains and maybe a new big bad.

Diablo 4 spoilers follow.

Diablo 4

It works out Blizzard’s action role-playing game includes a secret ending that appears after the credits have rolled, even though it does not always appear, there are in fact multiple endings that could or might not trigger following repeated completions from the campaign at various difficulties.

Jamir Blanco, cinematic character and creature artist at Blizzard, popularized Twitter to verify the secret endings are legit.

WowHead reports four different jumpscare post-credits endings have been discovered so far, each showing an unnamed demonic entity. These endings are a second long, so it’s tough to make definitive statements by what they show, but current speculation points to 3 of them showing Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred.

This isn’t a surprise, given Mephisto’s key role within the Diablo 4 story. But it’s your fourth ending that has set the kitty among the pigeons inside the Diablo community. What is the entity within the teaser? Could it tease the existence of a brand new enemy to battle in future Diablo 4 expansions?

WowHead reckons the look teases Lucion, Mephisto's son, and Lilith's brother. Lucion was mentioned within the first part of Blizzard’s lore-focused Book of Lorath series, and it is referenced within the Book of Tyrael from Diablo 3.

Blizzard has stated it’s currently focusing on two expansions for Diablo 4 because both versions are set to continue the storyline. Story content added with Diablo 4 seasons revolves more around side stories that occur throughout the same period of time as the main campaign, therefore we could be set for a bit of a wait to discover what this really is all about.

Diablo 4's secret endings aren't the only real mysteries players are fussing over. Fans continue to be trying to exercise whether Diablo 4 includes a secret cow level, despite Blizzard's insistence it does not exist.

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