The Facebook Business ad manager is a tool capable of creating successful campaigns on the social network. Designed for all types of advertisers, whether experienced or first-timers, this is what your digital marketing strategy was missing!

Facebook has become an essential part of many companies' digital marketing strategy. That's because it is the largest social network today, with more than 2 billion active users.

So much so that, according to a survey by the HootSuite website, Facebook already has about 50 million companies promoting their products or services with ads.

After all, exhibiting your brand in such a window and without paying a fortune for it is every entrepreneur's dream.

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If you are not yet part of those 50 million, don't despair!

In this article we will tell you all the information you need to join this team of champions and run successful ads on Facebook:

  • What is and how does the Facebook Business Ad Manager work?
  • Discover all the features of the tool
  • Learn how to create posts in Facebook Business manager
  • Get to know the Facebook Business ad manager application
  • Enjoy the convenience and create ads at any time with the Facebook manager

What is and how does the Facebook Business Ad Manager work?

Facebook Business Ad Manager is a powerful tool to create, manage and verify the performance of ads published on the platform.

With it you can also target your ads to specific audiences, set the budget to be allocated to them, check their performance and have a report on the return on that investment.

In addition, in the latest updates from Facebook, the social network made available the Power Editor, a tool that allows you to manage multiple ads simultaneously, making the task more practical and effective.

It's also worth remembering that as Facebook integrates other social networks, the manager also helps you manage Instagram Ads and Audience Network ads, a network of applications for displaying advertisements.

And this is important, after all, with it is possible to make the message have a greater reach, since because 72% of people say that posts on social networks are the main format of consumed content.

Now it's easier to understand what the Facebook Business manager is, right?

So we can now advance to the level and discover all the features of the tool!

Discover all the features of the tool

As we talked about before, Facebook's ad manager has other features besides posting ads on the platform.

And to help you, check the list below for all the features of this tool.

Ad creation

If you've never created an ad to promote your company or your products through social media, you must have come here worried.

But do not worry! The Facebook Business manager provides two types of processes for creating an outreach action.

And the first one is guided creation. Ideal for those who are starting to advertise on Facebook, this option will guide you through all the steps until you create an ad.

Fast creation, on the other hand, is the right choice for a more experienced advertiser who is used to working with Power Editor, because this option gives more freedom in the campaign elaboration process.

If you want to learn more about how to create an ad, be sure to check out the next topics!

Edit and post ads

With the update of the Facebook Business manager, it is now possible to edit published ads in a few moments.

To do this, just click on the Pencil icon or on the edit option and make any necessary changes, so when you click publish, the ad is updated immediately.

That way you can correct the error as quickly as possible, thus avoiding any misunderstanding and future damage.

Manage campaigns

The Facebook Business manager also makes it easy to manage your campaigns, that is, all your ads.

This is because with it you can edit all criteria related to action planning, such as the audience to be reached, how much you will spend on it, what content it will display, among others.

In addition, the Facebook Business manager also offers the possibility to edit ads in bulk, being able to pause, replicate or even prelaunch campaigns whenever you want.

With this you can run your campaign in the ideal conditions for your business to obtain positive results.

Reports of served ads

To find out if your ads are achieving the expected results, the tool shows real-time reports to help you check the performance of your campaigns.

This way, it is possible to correct any errors that may have appeared along the way and take the opportunity to create more assertive advertisements.

That's because Facebook Business's ad manager gives you the permission to save, modify or share these important reports in building your digital marketing strategy.

See how Facebook Business manager is packed with features that can help you boost your business?

So without further delay! Now let's find out how you can create ads directly in the tool.

Learn how to create posts in Facebook Business manager

As we've already seen here on the Ideal Marketing blog, using Facebook Ads to create an ad is quite simple: just have an account on the social network.

But today we're going to take it a step further and find out how to generate one using the Facebook Business Generator.

And to get started, open the platform and click “Create ad in Ad Manager”.

Ready? So check out our walkthrough now.

  1. Define the campaign objective

Every ad is created from a goal, right?

Therefore, the first step is to define the goal to be reached and that's why the Facebook manager asks you for this information right away.

That's because at this stage the Facebook Business ad manager asks you to categorize your ad into one of three existing categories: recognition, consideration or conversion.

The first is for those who want to promote the brand, the second for those who want to generate more engagement and the third to generate more conversions.

Once that's set, the Facebook Business ad manager will still ask you to name the campaign before we go to the next step.

  1. Target your ad set

Having defined the objective and name of the campaign, now is the time to target your ad to the right audience.

For that, it's time to inform the Facebook Business ad manager some characteristics of your audience, such as age, gender and interests.

And having that defined is important, because that way you'll know the best choice to make when you have to choose where your ads will be displayed, whether on Facebook, Instagram or even the Audience Network.

After that, it's time to decide the size of your investment in the stock and its schedule.

It's only after that you're actually ready to create your ad.

  1. Create your ad

After having defined all the strategic part in the Facebook Business ad manager, now is the time to create the paid publication.

And for that, Facebook Business offers you some options, such as:

  • Single image or video, being possible to create up to six ads with one image each;
  • Carousel: advertisement with two or more images or videos;
  • Multimedia presentation, with videos of up to 30 seconds and that are repeated continuously with up to 10 images;
  • Canvas: combination of images and videos

Add contact information to your ad

In addition to choosing your ad format, another important point at this stage is to add contact information, such as your webpage, and call-to-action icons, the Call to Action.

You might not even know what Call To Action is hearing that name, but you've certainly come across buttons that say “buy”, “read” or “download”. Well know that these are the CTAs.

And adding them to your ad is important because they will help you achieve those goals you set at the beginning of your campaign creation, remember?

So be sure to use them! And as you add these details to your ad, Facebook Business will show you a preview of what it will look like once it's done.

  1. Place your order

After following all these steps, you will finally be ready to place your ads request to the manager.

To do this, just click on “Place Order” at the bottom of the Facebook Business Ad Manager.

But if this is your first order, the social network will ask for information about the payment method.

Ready! Now you can celebrate: you're the newest Facebook Business announcer!

And want to know how to track your campaign wherever you are? Check out the next topic!

Get to know the Facebook Business ad manager application

So far you've seen the main features of Facebook manager and how to create an ad on the platform.

Now let's show you another advantage that this system offers: the Facebook Business ad manager application.

That's right, you can also load the tool on your smartphone!

The app is available for both Android and iOS, and with it you can create and edit ads, track the performance of your publications, and manage schedules and budgets from anywhere, whenever you want.

It also has “push” notifications, effective reminders that will keep you up to date on your campaigns.

It's important to remember that not all features available on the desktop version will work perfectly on the mobile version, but it still manages to break a branch.

That way, even those who have a hectic schedule will be able to monitor and manage the performance of your ad.

Enjoy the convenience and create ads at any time with the Facebook manager

In this post you can finally learn EVERYTHING about creating ads in the Facebook Business ad manager.

In addition, he discovered that the manager has a thousand and one uses and that it is possible to edit, manage and even read reports about the campaigns carried out with it.

But to take advantage of all the facilities provided by it, it is necessary to have good strategic planning, only then will it help you to achieve success.

So be sure to follow our tips!

If you want more tips like this, check out Ideal Marketing's blog.

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