Are you looking to enter the fashion market with all the necessary setups for an online business? Fashion product data scraping will help you collect necessary business data from websites worldwide.

This article will share how to scrape fashion website data with product listings and other details in a structured format. Further, we will share how to scrape new arrivals, monitor trending products, and update product stock, prices, and other details using scheduled fashion website scraping.

What Are The Steps To Scrape Fashion Websites Data?

Here is the process to order data scraping from fashion websites and upload it to various online stores:

  • Fill in the order form to get the sample data.
  • Revert us with the feedback on the sample file to revise the data and format.
  • Import the collected data to your shopping cart.

What Are The Fashion Website Data Scraping Challenges?

If you run a fashion store with multiple brands, you may need product data from various marketplaces like eBayAmazon, Allegro, Jumia, AliExpress, and websites like Zara, Adidas, Asos, etc. If you scrape the required data by yourself, you may need to customize the scraping process separately for every website or marketplace, depending on their website structure and policies.

In the fashion industry, products often come in different varieties based on style, color, size, and more. If you extract these products using regular data scraping services or tools, you may need help to scrape garment variations due to multiple product options and drop-downs.

You must set up the data file correctly while scraping the data for a fashion brand or dropshipping supplier website. There are different data requirements in shopping carts while importing the file. Therefore, you must customize the template for the particular online store and the format.

If you use our fashion website scraping services, you don't have to worry about these challenges. Our team handles all these challenges with all the technicalities to scrape fashion product data from various websites, including see more and drop-down sections. Further, we provide product data for footwear, clothing, and other categories in a customized format. Check out the below process to scrape product data from fashion sites and import it.

How To Scrape Fashion Website Data And Import It To Your Online Store?

We scrape the on-demand data for fashion products. Therefore, please mention your requirements while ordering the data so we can deliver the exact data to fulfill your requirements quickly.

Order Sample Data

Visit our website, find the order form, to start using our ecommerce data scraping services to get fashion data:

  • Fill in the URL to the website or product to scrape data.
  • Select the required data:
    • Product details, name, description, URL, image, variation, and category
    • Store locations
    • Product reviews
  • File format: choose it as a CSV file or the format suitable to upload on PrestaShop, Shopify, MagentoWooCommerce, or other online stores.

Depending on your requirements, you can mention how many times you want the data, like one time or with regular frequency. For regular data services, please mention the frequency, and data fields, lime product prices, new launches, inventory, and more.

Once you submit the request with all your requirements, we will scrape the data and send it to your mail.

Share Feedback On Sample Data File

After getting the sample data file, please check it and revert us with the necessary changes or file formatting. You can upload the file on shopping carts and check whether it fits your goals and platform compatibility. If you discover missing components or data, mention them in the feedback. We will use your feedback to revise and make corrections to the file.

Get Complete Fashion Product Data And Import It To Your Store

Once we receive the approval for a sample file, we will share pricing plans for the complete scraping project with the payment details.

After receiving the payment, we will deliver the complete data file with collected fashion product data. You can upload the file to your shopping cart accounts.

Check out the below example to import the Zara product listings that we will upload on WooCommerce.

Note: Depending on your requirements, you can request data files for particular stores, like PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, etc.


Follow the below steps to import the above data file into WooCommerce:

Visit the store dashboard on WooCommerce in the products section and click the Import option:


Choose the data file and proceed to upload it:


Map Data Fields: If you request the appropriate data formats, please map all the fields.


Finish the data uploading:


Here, you'll see every product with an image from the file:


Now, we will check an item at the storefront. The garment product has multiple variation options, like in the gallery images and the store website.


What Are The Benefits Of Scraping Fashion Websites?

Here are the benefits of extracting data from the garment and clothing supplier websites using our fashion data scraping services:

  • We will deliver usable and clean data that you can directly use for any application depending on your needs.
  • You can upload the data file directly to a selected online store.
  • We have an algorithm to track source websites for changes and change the scraping process if required.


This way, you can scrape Fashion product data from various websites with our ecommerce data scraping services by negating all the challenges. Contact Product Data Scrape to learn more.