A disposable vape from Melbourne Vapes comes pre-charged and already filled with vape juice. Disposable vapes are great for beginners due to their simple design and uncomplicated use, and also offering an experience similar to smoking. Melbourne Vape's disposable vapes are in high demand and are available in a range of delicious flavours and styles that are sure to satisfy all your vaping needs. Melbourne Vapes also offer these starter electronic cigarettes and box mods for more experienced Disposable Vape Kit designed for full flavour and big clouds.





Disposable vapes such as the IGet disposable vapes and Yumi disposable vapes are draw activated, so all you need to do is open the pack, inhale and enjoy. Disposable vapes from Melbourne Vapes are great for all Australians over the age of 18 that enjoy vaping on the go as all our disposable vapes offer a convenient vaping style at an affordable price. You can comfortably carry a disposable vape everywhere you go, ready for use any time you need it.



Disposable vapes such as the IGet Disposable Vape & Yumi Disposable Vape are aleady charged and filled with your favourite E Liquid. IGet Disposable vapes & Yumi Disposable vapes offer a simple to use design that is lightweight and convenient to carry on the go. Unlike vape devices that require refilling with E Liquid, replacing coils and require lithium-ion batteries to operate, disposable vapes such as the IGet & Yumi brand are simple to use and straight forward as there is no device maintenance or cleaning required, and the IGet disposable vapes & Yumi Disposable Vapes and Dry Herb Vape mimic smoking without the associated harmful ash and toxins. When your IGet disposable vape or Yumi disposable vape is empty, simply replace it with a new one.



Some of the major advantages of IGet disposable vapes & Yumi Disposable Vapes include their ease of use. IGet & Yumi disposable vapes are comfortable to carry around and offer discreet vaping when you need it. IGet & Yumi disposable vapes are convenient, affordable, simple to use and reliable. Vaping disposable vapes, and any form of vaping, like smoking, is prohibited for anyone under 18 years of age in Australia

Here are the basic steps to using a disposable vape.

  • Remove your disposable vape from the packaging.
  • If your Dry Herb Vaporizer  has a button, press on the button and an indicator light will turn on. If there is no button, skip to step three.
  • Inhale the vapour from your disposable vape through the mouthpiece. IGet disposable vapes & Yumi disposable vapes are draw activated without a button
  • Exhale the vapour.
  • If you are using a disposable vape for the first time, it is best to inhale slowly and take small draws as you get used to the method of using a disposable vape and figure out your tolerance.