Be a walking bulldozer with this particular berserk brawler built for that Barbarian class in d4 items.

Diablo 4

With the majority of the hype for that Barbarian class in Diablo 4 leaning towards using popular builds like infinite Whirlwind and million-damage Hammer from the Ancients, it's difficult to find a good, non-meta setup that may keep players alive within the endgame. However, there are some ways to make underused skills viable even for Torment difficulty.

The Barbarian's Brawl skills result in the slow and lumbering Diablo 4 warrior right into a wrecking ball with environment-based stuns and high mobility. Builds around these skills will not be as competitive because of the popular triple Shout setups, but they load more enjoyable and interactive, perfect for that player who would like to spice up their knowledge about the Barbarian. Here's one endgame Brawl build that may easily clear Torment-level content, including low-tier Nightmare Dungeons.

Diablo 4: Barbarian Brawl Build

Battle Lunging Strike and Furious Hammer from the Ancients are this build's main damage dealers due to their high base damage. Furious Double Swing is a practicable alternate Core Skill for players who would like permanent Berserk uptime.

Power Leap and Mighty Kick would be the primary Brawl skills here. They loop from each other because of one from the Legendary Aspects below, plus they provide Crowd Control, mobility, and protection. Get into position with Leap, Kick an enemy right into a wall, then Leap onto them again.

Charge grants much more mobility and damage, however, it will make surviving against CC-heavy enemies more difficult. Feel free to replace this with Rallying Cry for that Unstoppable buff.

Death Blow may be the build's main method of going Berserk. Soften enemies up, then execute all of them with Death Blow to constantly regain the skill's charges. This is also a really strong damaging tool against bosses in dungeons.

Passive Skills

The skills in the above list are fairly standard for a lot of late-game Barbarian builds. However, players should swap Wallop for either Slaying Strikes or Duelist when they want to use Double Swing rather than Hammer from the Ancients.

It's worth emphasizing that Aggressive Resistance and Prolific Fury are mandatory with this build since their bonuses are extremely good to pass through up. As long as players will keep killing with Death Blow, they will be able to obtain a semi-permanent bonus to Fury generation and damage reduction.

Take the Two-Handed Axe Expertise for that extra Vulnerable damage, then take Unconstrained because of the Key Passive. This can be exchanged for Walking Arsenal or Unbridled Rage.

Gear and Aspects

This build is extremely reliant on obtaining the right Aspects together. Much of the player's damage and survivability will depend on these, so ensure that you follow the setup above strictly.

The aspect of Bul-Kathos makes up for the absence of a Challenging Shout. It adds a little bit of AOE damage in addition to more damage reduction so long as players are sitting on the Earthquake it makes. Giant Strides and Perpetual Stomping lets players use Leap without worrying about its cooldown much, letting them make lots of Earthquakes over the battlefield.

Steadfast Berserker, Disobedience, and Eluding will also be mandatory defensive Aspects. They grant players Fortify, more damage reduction, as well as an emergency stun break just in case they get kept in place.

Encroaching Wrath can double Death Blow's damage, while Edgemaster grants Furious Hammer from the Ancients an additional damage multiplier. The latter can be exchanged for Retribution for additional stuns and much more damage against stunned enemies, but players are going to be forced to experiment with kicking enemies into walls.

Paragon Boards

Use the Exploit Glyph around the starting board, then take Warbringer because of the first attachment. This lets Hammer from the Ancients deal more damage whilst providing more Fortify and Fury generation.

The Blood Rage board is a superb follow-up choice because of its Berserking bonuses. It's also generally useful, meaning players will gain its benefits it doesn't matter what weapon type or Core Skill they choose.

As for other Glyphs, players should use ones that suit their needs more. Disembowel might help reduce cooldowns even more, Bloodfeeder boosts Critical Strike Chance, Territorial grants more damage reduction, and so forth.

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