Ghana has arisen as a famous trip vacation spot over time as extra Ghanaians with inside the movement and their buddies pick out to consume their excursion time lower back with inside the U. S. A. This increase in travelers into Accra has brought about in lots of dramatic changes to guide the influx. Ghana currently improved its worldwide airport Kotoka International to what can nearest be stated as a famous worldwide hub that now can provide accommodations and a variety of planes. If you are interested to visit Ghana you can avail of Qatar Airways UK to Ghana. Ghana is one beautiful stop to add to your bucket list to fly.

Airlines directly fly to Ghana:

The best Airlines American Airlines and British Airways, Delta, Air France, and United all fly direct to Ghana. These airlines provided non-stop flights to Ghana.

How many airlines provide flights to Ghana?

There are at this time about 18 airlines that provide flights to Accra in Ghana every week. Some of these airlines deal with flights daily like British Airways and KLM. Many of the airlines that fly into Ghana are not non-stop and this stopover is either in Europe or the Middle East.

No of total Airlines fly to Accra on a regular:

There are around 18 airlines that offer flights to Accra on a weekly and daily basis with many dealing with daily non-stop flights from their country of origin.

British Airways flights to Accra (Ghana):

British Airways fly’s to Accra directly every day from London Heathrow the way is so popular that you can set your watch to the occurrence. Every day at 13:55 from London Heathrow a British Airways plane creates its way to Accra’s Kotoka International airport.

Non-stop flights to Accra (City of Ghana):

Kotoka International Airport is the bigger airport in Ghana. In total 29 airports all over the world have direct flights to Accra, extent around 29 cities in 24 countries. At this time, there are 3 domestic flights to Accra. Accra is mainly famous for its beaches and activities.

Are there non-stop flights to Ghana?

Yes, it's possible to find direct routes from the United States to the main Kotoka International Airport in Accra. These non-stop Qatar Economy Class flights depart from both Washington Dulles International Airport, functioned by United Airlines, and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, operated by Delta Airlines.

Washington Dulles International Airport:

IAD welcomes new direct service between Accra, Ghana's Kotoka International Airport, and Dulles International on United Airlines. This way will operate three flights per week, beginning Thursday, May 14, 2021.

Lively culture, food, and the warm West African sun are some things that arise to mind when thinking about Accra, Ghana. With so much to offer, this metropolitan city will create you fall in love with Africa.

What countries fly non-stop to Ghana?

When you are searching for a Direct Flight to Ghana, following countries have non-stop routes to Ghana.. Airlines Afriqiyah Airways, Air Ivoire, and Air Burkina also fly non-stop to Ghana.