I believe we're at a crossroads in RuneScape's development, and RuneScape gold that I think Jagex is dangerously close to taking us down the route towards RS3's failures. Why are we at this crossroads? Twitch, YouTube, and streaming. Jagex DESPERATELY wants to capitalize on this market.

We have seen these efforts reflected such as: The concentrate on Morytania content, for example Darkmeyer. While I loved the recent adjustments, they have everything related to Settled and the prevalence of his Morytania series. Trying to capitalize on the flowing market is notifying development priorities. Twitch-Prime promotions. Jagex understands these promotions flooding RuneScape with bots that hurt the market that is in-game.

Ever wonder why Jagex has begun not polling PvP upgrades? There's far more at issue than simply the"integrity" of surveys. Jagex sees PvP because the future of RuneScape because PvP is the most-viewed activity on Twitch. They need OSRS to become an e-sport. As a consequence of this initiative, Jagex has pushed through a set of widly unpopular and flawed PvP initiatives -- most of them. These include, but are not restricted to:Bounty Hunter, and refusing to correct Bounty Hunter. Jagex dismissed player feedback and made the problem worse. However, since they do not want to be regarded as Anti-PvP, they do not care and won't fix the issue. They are desperately searching for paths to increase subscribers on this basis, and also to make PvP the.

Content that is unpolled like the Ferox Enclave. The Ferox Enclave changes RuneScape, and ought to happen to be polled since it impacts more than simply PvPers. It wasn't. This has to do with integrity. Jagex is creating PvP its attention since they want to attract players through streaming. More unpolled articles that is PvP. The path we are currently heading down is that all PvP content will be unpolled. Mark my words. Jagex is distressed for the Twitch marketplace, and will disguise them as"ethics" updates, until they capture that market (they won't).

I mention this alongside the proposed Slayer update all because I believe that they are related. Jagex, at its pursuit of subscribers, has lost sight of what created OSRS"old school," and is becoming more and more drastic in their initiatives -- both in their scope (e.g., Slayer being overpowered), and in their implementation (unpolled alterations, not listening to core player feedback). As a community, we ought to be very, very worried. I recommend Jagex to remember that OSRS is far more popular than RS3. Do not forsake your core player-base in a (self-defeating) attempt to appeal to a larger audience. It did not work earlier, and it won't work again.Back in the day I loved to determine the changes the Jmods made. We see because the salty community shoots down al their creativity, Jmods walking off. The downfall of RuneScape would be. But the fact this community destroy their ideas for RuneScape. I have to disagree strongly with your purpose. No offense but it's apparent you believe developers understand the best for buy old school rs gold the material they create, most don't.