Most of us try to clean carpets on our own because we think we can save handsomely. Despite this fact, DIY methods for carpet cleaning come with various limitations. For instance, if you’re planning to clean on your own then you must know the carpet fibers, choose the right and most suitable cleaning tool, and understand the carpet cleaning purpose.

But, why take so much effort, when you can call professional Carpet cleaners in oceanside

Professionals can do far better than your DIY methods and give your carpet a completely new life with their one-of-a-kind carpet cleaning methods. Let’s discuss this in detail –:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning is also known as a hot water extraction method that uses hot water at high pressure to agitate the carpet fibers and soak up the dirt from the carpet. It involves the application of a cleaning agent on the soiled surface with a brush followed by rinsing.

The cleaning process involves a natural cleaning agent with gentle brushing to wash off dirt, rigid stains, and other harmful particles right away. Professional cleaners often use hot water at 250 degree Celsius to kill all the bacteria living in the carpet fibers.

This method takes less than 3 hours for cleaning an average-sized carpet. Moreover, this method will deeply clean your carpet and make it look like newly bought. However, it takes at least 5 hours to finally enjoy a dry carpet.

  • Dry Extraction Cleaning

As the name suggests, in dry extraction cleaning, no water or liquid cleaner is involved. Thus, you don’t have to wait for your carpets to dry. Many homeowners prefer this method to clean their dirty carpets.

In this method, a powder component is applied to the carpet through a machine attached to a motorized brush. Such a machine works like a sponge and evenly distributes the powder deep into the carpet fiber. After that, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean off the combined powder and soil from the carpets.

However, the dry extraction method may treat stains but cannot deep clean the carpets. Also, it is more time-consuming compared to other methods. This cleaning method applies to commercial installations where regular cleaning and instant drying of the floors become extremely important for a comforting experience.

  • Encapsulation

The encapsulation method uses synthetic detergents as a base which crystallize into powder form when dries. Professional carpet cleaners use specialized applicators and compression sprayers for applying detergent on the carpet.

When the detergent dries, a vacuum cleaner is used to suck up the dirt crystals and polymer. This cleaning technique wins over the carpet shampooing method because it uses less water during cleaning and has a shorter drying time. 

Though the encapsulation carpet cleaning method gives you good cleaning results, it doesn’t work for heavily soiled carpets.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning is prominently used for hotels and accommodating visitors that demand faster cleaning and a shorter drying process. In this method, cleaning products are mixed with carbonated water, and sprayed on the carpet. 


A heavy-duty motorized machine is attached with a spinning pad where the pad is immersed into the cleaning solution for soaking up the dirt from carpet fibers. Call professionals now to leave your carpet clean and hygienic afterward through bonnet cleaning. 

  • Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing is a popular method for deep cleaning rugs and carpets. It can clean the heavily soiled carpets by using a professional machine. Such a machine is attached to a tank filled with cleaning solution or carpet shampoo and another tank for holding dirty water once it is removed.

It creates a lather that pulls off the dirt molecules from the carpet fibers where loose dirt can be easily sucked up into the machine. It can even strip off the embedded pet hairs making your carpet look fresh and clean.


Carpets are prone to dirt and dust. However, they reflect your living standard and attention towards hygiene. And, any worn-out carpet can make your house look dull and filthy. 

Hire professionals and restore back your carpets now!