The most rewarding among all the types of travel, solo traveling is the best way to explore the world. Solo travel helps travelers not only see the world but allows them to know themselves better. And thus, people are becoming fonder of solo trips every day. If you are looking for a solo trip destination and finding it hard to find the idle one, you have landed at the right spot. Know the top 6 travel-alone destinations of the world to find your ideal match.

Let’s know the top 6 places to travel alone

London, UK

If you are looking for a solo traveling destination that is both safe and regal, then booking a flight from USA to London would be the best. London is enveloped with ample opportunities for solo travels and contains a lot of places to go and things to do for them. Irrespective of the reason why a traveler is visiting, London fulfills every traveler's fondest desires. 

For history buffs, London’s museums are nothing less than a paradise, while the city has always inspired talented artists. If you are a Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes fan, then you have got more reasons to fall in love with this beautiful city. 

The magnificence of London is shown through its people, monuments, and well-cemented streets. And places like the Tower of London, National Gallery, and Buckingham Palace are loved across borders. As a solo traveler in London, the best experiences to experience in the city include riding the London Eye and shopping at oxford street.

Costa Rica

A place more magnificent than Costa Rica is hard to be imagined. A city of extreme warmth for its travelers, Costa Rica is a paradise for solo travelers. You can never stay alone for too much time in Costa Rica. As with the minute you land in the city, you will meet many traveler groups ready to be joined for you. 

A perfect destination to witness the best of wildlife, Costa Rica has been working hard for wildlife protection. Making it a perfect location for wildlife photographers and its experts. The menu of Costa Rica as a tourist destination is filled with pages of adventures that can be experienced here.

No matter in what sports you are in Costa Rica, you can enjoy it to the extreme. Hiking, biking, hill climbing, kayaking, the land of Costa Rica never allows its tourists to go out options.

Stockholm, Sweden

The land of 14 islands, Stockholms, Sweden is the heaven for every beach bug. Enjoying one of the most amazing coastlines with an ancient town and luscious parks, Stockholm provides a magical feel. A destination perfect for solo female travelers, Stockholm is one of the safest travel destinations around the world. Except being the safest, the city has the most friendly locals you can ever visit that are always ready to help you and lend you favors.

An idle mix of tradition and youth, Stockholm respects its culture the most. And with a visit to Moderna Museet, you can easily get to know why. Spend your time exploring the city’s museums, like ABBA Museum, to get closer to the city's history. Or just discover and adore the beauty of classic Nouveau décor.

Stockholm is never short of experiences for its travelers while providing them the best food. There are many Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in the city to enjoy a full course meal.

Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital, Warsaw, is a delightful destination with gorgeous sceneries. Warsaw is the perfect destination for solo travelers looking for calm, peace, and ethnicity. Being a city that dates back thousands of years, Warsaw is an idle location for history geeks. Take a direct flight to Poland from USA to reach Warsaw and experience the remains of World War second. 

The city that got at least 85% reconstructed after World War II, Warsaw is the home of over 60 museums. Each depicting the history and the burnout by Nazis that happened in the country. The National Museum of Warsaw is a paradise for art lovers and is the home to most Polish paintings. 

If you love spending time with nature then Warsaw’s Lazienki Palace gardens would be a treat for you. Warsaw has a deep-rooted history and war remains ready to be explored.


Among the most popular destinations, Canada is idle for every kind of solo travel. Having the most gorgeous cities, Canada is a classy visit equipped with outdoor assets. Among which Canadian locations like Toronto and Ontario are the most popular among tourists. 

Enveloped with the most gorgeous landscapes, Canada is the second biggest country on the globe. So if you are planning to visit the whole country on a single trip, then it might you months. Keeping your Canadian travel itinerary short and simple is the best way to experience the best experiences in the city.

For adventurous souls, Canada is always prepared with opportunities like Kayaking, mountain biking, and rafting. Canada is also popular for its festivals, so when you are in the country always check what festivals are going on at the same time and try to be a part of it.

New York, USA

Grab the travel bull by its horns by traveling to New York, the dazzling city of the US. For people who love city life and want to spend holidays near a city, New York would be an idle solo trip location. Filled with to do and to go things New York never allows its tourists to get bored in any aspect. 

New York contains the best traveling opportunities, including museums, shopping places, and restaurants for its travelers. If you love the good theatre, then New York would be your best buy to see an amazing show. The wineries in Brooklyn are an absolute paradise for authentic wine lovers while dining at Central Park is everyone's dream.

New York provides the best dinners covered with luxury and flavors. So, if you are a foodie by heart who loves to explore star-studded meals, this city will provide that to you.