ESD Flooring For Your Business

Any electronic, medical, gas, metalworking and many more sectors and workplaces in the world are at risk from ESD (electro-static discharge). One of the most important parts of any workplace involving static is the flooring, as your staff can create ESD just by a mere shuffle of their feet. أكياس حماية ثابتة

Fortunately, there is a solution. At Anti-Static ESD we have become one of the best companies when you are searching for ESD flooring.

Our elite range of ESD Flooring options has been helping workplaces to reduce their ESD levels, improve safety and protect staff members for a number of years.

How does our ESD flooring work?

The way our range of ESD flooring is created is by counteracting and dispelling ESD before it is created. Our ESD flooring products are vast, and include:

Anti-fatigue ESD flooring

Industrial conductive floor mats

Interlocking anti-fatigue ESD tiles

Three-layer bench matting

Bench worktops

ESD workstation kits

Full roll and customised conductive matting

Our online store at Anti-Static ESD is the destination you need for quality ESD Products to support your business. Whatever issues you have noticed or the performance of your current flooring or ESD products, we can provide a better solution.

Whether you need our customised ESD flooring or you would like to invest in high-quality ESD flooring rolls, we can dispatch them quickly and effectively.

Discover more by getting in contact with us today.

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