Major boss battle guides, dungeons, and the way to finally obtain a horse to mount.

After several betas as well as an early access period, buy diablo 4 items is finally readily available for all to experience. IGN's expert guide writers happen to be hard at work uncovering its many secrets and adding these phones to the Diablo 4 Walkthrough. While Diablo 4's open regions permit you to explore and explore various dungeons, will still be worthwhile to tackle the primary story once you can, as it is the only way you are able to eventually unlock a mount to ride across Diablo 4's vast areas.

Diablo 4

We have you covered on Diablo 4's various optional Dungeons, Side Quests, Altar of Lilith locations, plus much more, however, the latest Diablo 4 Walkthrough update covers each one of the first three Acts that may be undertaken in order and also the fourth Act that unlocks a chance to purchase and customize mounts.

While you're liberated to tackle Diablo 4's first couple of Acts in the order you want, we recommend using the bulk of them within the order the following, because of the minimum recommended level that increases with each Act. Here is every Diablo 4 item main quest that people recommend doing, within the order we recommend, to date.

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Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith

Upon completing the Prologue in Kyovashad, the sport will open so you are able to go out and explore much more of Sanctuary's world, together with continuing the primary campaign. Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith contains 19 quests that you should complete in the primary region from the Fractured Peaks, and therefore are best done first.

Ill Tidings

Tarnished Luster

The Knight and also the Magpie



In Her Wake

Storming the Gates

The Cost of Knowledge

Light’s Guidance

Kor Valar


Light's Judgement

Light's Protection


Shroud from the Horadrim

Fledgling Scholar

Crossing Over


Light's Resolve

Act 2: The Knife Twists Again

This section of the sport contains 17 main story quests to accomplish and happens in the primary region of Scosglen towards the North, and recommends that you are at least level 10 or more before starting the journey, same with best completed after Act 1 based on your level.

An Unforeseen Visit

Dark Omens

Encroaching Shadows

Exhuming the Forgotten

Harrowed Lament

Apex of Misery

Parting Embers

Feral Nature

The Beast Within

The Path of Rage

Fangs of Corruption

Stemming the Flow

Buried Secrets

In Ruins

Entombed Legacy

Shadow Over Cerrigar

As the World Burns

Act 3: The Making of Monsters

This Act contains 16 main story quests to accomplish in the primary region from the Dry Steppes towards the West, and it is recommended that you get into it around level 15 or more, and that's why we advise completing another two acts first.

The Spreading Darkness

Suffering Disquiet

Whittling Sanity

A Moment to Collect

Brought Low

The City of Blood and Dust

Small Blessings

Whispers in the Past

Through the Dark Glass

Descent Into Flame

Loose Threads

Oasis of Memories

Flesh from Bone

Beneath the Mask

Piercing the Veil

Exhumed Relics

Act 4: A Gathering Storm

After completing the prior three Acts, you’ll anticipate moving into Act 4. It only has 6 main story quests, but completing the 2nd quest will finally permit you to visit the Stable and unlock a chance to ride and customize mounts to visit around Sanctuary at increased speeds. It’s recommended that you head into it at level 20 or more as well.

Prying the Eye

A Master’s Touch

Lost Arts

A Meeting from the Minds

Anguish Incarnate

Eye from the Storm