The A To Z Of Kid’s Party Themes

If your child’s special day is approaching, it’s time to consider the party theme! To help you and your child choose, we’ve made a list of kids’ party themes. With each theme, we have included links and resources to kick-start your creativity. Search Entertainers For Parties

A – Party themes


The Animal theme is easy and works great for all ages. If you want to add an edge to your party, hire a face painter and turn your guests into their favorite animals. Alternatively, book a travelling zoo or a reptile house for the afternoon.

Aliens– Kids and adults can enjoy dressing as their favorite alien, whether it’s Ripley from the original movie or a green Martian, this is sure to be fun. Think green and purple foods, balloons with eyes and flying saucer cupcakes.

Alice in Wonderland

For Alice in Wonderland, you’ll need a few DIY projects and decorative elements to set the tone.

Arts and Crafts

Looking for a more hands-on theme? Host an arts and crafts party! With younger kids, it helps to change activities every 15 to 20 minutes. Otherwise,you can find professionalshere on jollify.


Think blue for this theme! Blue candy, blue drinks and perhaps even blueberry muffins! Get your jungle theme going.

B – Party themes

Baking party

If your kids enjoy cooking, host a baking party for some hands-on fun. It’s a great theme! For the activities, keep it simple. For example, making a pizza is a rewarding challenge for children. The adults just need to prepare and display the ingredients to mix.


If your child already does Ballerina, this theme is perfect! With minimal DIY decorations, you can set the atmosphere of the party.


Balloon modelling is magic for young kids. They can also easily be combined with other themes. You can find a balloon artist here on jollify.

C – Party themes

Cars (Disney/Pixar)

With three movies and a spin-off, Disney has made sure this theme remains top of mind. Nonetheless, it’s a great party theme with bright colors and endless possibilities.


If you’re a fan of traditional party games, host a mini-carnival party.

D – Party themes

Devils and Angels

Pick one and go all out in your costume! Food might include both Angel food and Devil’s food cake, sparkling cider and fireball drinks or angel hair pasta and hamburgers cooked well-done!


The lights, the colors, the music… if your kids love to dance, this theme will be a lot of fun. If you don’t have enough space for dancing, you can always hire a venue. You can also hire an entertainer at jollify.


Anything Disney works here, be it Goofy, Peter Pan, or Cinderella’s evil stepmother.


With a dinosaur theme party, you can be as factual or fictional as you and your kids want to be.

E – Party themes

Egyptian party

The ancient Egyptian party theme is very flexible. For example, it can easily be linked to a treasure hunt activity. However, you may want to consider making a pyramid cake…

F – Party themes


While the Frozen craze has died down a little, it’s still a fun party theme for kids. However, the movie itself will give you all the music and decoration ideas you need.

Fireman & Police

Trucks and big motorized vehicles endlessly fascinate young children. If you’re going to do this theme, start by asking your local fire station if you can visit.


If you are looking for high energy theme, consider having a Football party.

G – Party themes

Ghosts and Ghouls

Go all out and create your best ghoulie ghost costume. Hold a séance and don’t forget the “finger food.”

Glow in the Dark

Dark lights and fluorescent colors make for a truly magical party. You can double the fun by matching this theme with the disco theme.

H – Party themes

Harry Potter party

This is a wonderful theme, especially if your kids are old enough to read books or watch movies. A nice idea, to go with the theme, is to hire a magician. You can find magicians on jollify.

I – Party themes

Indians and Cowboys

A western theme is full of possibilities. If you want to go all out, make the event a sleepover! You can make tipis with blankets.

The Incredibles (Disney / Pixar)

As the movies revolve around a family, The Incredibles is an ideal theme for parents who want to play along.

J – Party themes

James Bond party

Being a secret agent is a wonderful birthday experience. This party theme is ideal if you want to organize a scavenger hunt.

K – Party themes

Karate party

If your children do martial arts, this theme is perfect. A kimono for a costume couldn’t be simpler.

Kung Fu Panda (Disney)

If you like the martial arts theme, but you want a more fantasy approach, consider having a Kung Fu Panda party.

L – Party themes


Legos are universal; they’ve even made movies. On the Lego website you can find ideas on how you can combine Lego with other party themes.

M – Party themes

Minions (Despicable me – Disney/Pixar)

A minion costume is easy enough to make or find. One of the adults might want to be Gru for the day…


The 3 Musketeers, the 4 Musketeers or the 12 Musketeers… you can easily adjust your party theme to the number of guests. However, the costumes will likely involve foam or plastic swords. Kids will love it, parents, a bit less. If you’re worried, set clear rules and guidelines at the start.

N – Party themes


Bright pink or yellow outfits and glow sticks everywhere!

O – Party themes

Mini Olympics

If you want your guests to blow off some steam before moving indoors, this is a great theme. Additionally, the required DIY is minimal. All you need are a few flags and medals. If you want to give the winners a prize, you can make medals out of a jumbo chocolate coin and a ribbon. You can also use the party bags as participation prizes.

P – Party themes

Princess party

This theme is very flexible, you can choose to do Disney princess or just princess in general. Additionally, you can hire a princess entertainer for the party. You can find princessentertainers here on jollify.

Pamper Party

The popularity of Pamper Parties is on the rise. It’s an ideal theme for older kids.


This theme has the benefit of being age independent. You will get great souvenir pictures if have toddler pirates! You can also combine your pirate party with fictional themes, like space pirates.


Pokémon is a theme your kids will likely request at some point.

Pancakes &Pyjama Party

Pyjamas and pancakes can be done as two separate themes, but they work great together. If your kids are old enough to cook, get each guest to make a pancake.

Q – Party themes

Quest (Scavenger hunt)

Having a treasure or a scavenger hunt is always appealing to children.

R – Party themes

Reptile party

A reptile party doesn’t need to be grey; it can be bright and fun.


This theme can be as fictional and elaborate as you want it to be.


This is an easy and colorful theme. You can find some great rainbow party ideas online.

S – Party themes

Superhero Party

With so many superhero comics and movies out there, this is a broad theme to cover.

Mad Science

Mad Science is always a great hit with kids! If you want to do elaborate ‘mad science’ with the kids, book an entertainer for the party.

Star Wars

Space and adventure make Star Wars a great party theme for kids.

Slime Party

Making slime is very popular science project for kids to do during a party. Then, once the slime is made, they now have a new temporary toy to play with.

T – Party themes


Thanks to cartoons and movies, the Transformers theme has endless possibilities.


Pizza is always welcome at a turtle’s party. But with the Turtle ninja theme, it becomes a perfect match.

Tangled (Disney)

Tangled got raving reviews when it was released. In popularity is second only to Frozen.

Tea Party

If your kid wants an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon, host a Tea Party. You can combine it with a pamper party.

U – Party themes

Unicorn Party

When children request this theme, it sounds a bit vague. It’s an easy and fun theme to do. It can be easily combined with the rainbow theme.

Under the Sea

Pretending to live under the sea, or being marooned on an island, is always exhilarating for kids.

V – Party themes

Vampire Party

If your kids can’t get enough at Halloween, a Vampire theme would be ideal. You can book a face painterto turn all your guests into vampires. You can find face painters here on jollify.


This is a good theme if you don’t want to doPirate again. It’s also the perfect theme to combine with “How to train your dragon” (DreamWorks).

W – Party themes


For a fun, haunted party, get all your guests to arrive as witches. The costumes are easy enough to find or make.

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz will probably remain a classic. If your kids are of the age to watch or read the story, this might be the perfect theme.

X – Party themes


A nice spin-off of the superheroes is the X-Men theme. As anyone can be an X-men, kids can have fun creating their own character.

Y – Party themes


Anything yellow goes for this party, including bananas, sunshine, daffodils and rubber duckies. Food ideas include cheese, lemon flavored anything, banana bread or cake, corn tortillas.

Z – Party themes


Last, but not least, is the zombie theme. With just a bit of make-up adults and kids can become zombies for the day.

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