The Fighter in Dark and Darker may be the classic hero, in a position to employ several weapons, plate armor, along with a substantial shield to safeguard themselves from any potential lethal harm. Although the Fighter is usually viewed as a general-purpose, shield-wielding adventurer, these kinds have a high skill ceiling. Due to the depth of the Fighter, there's a substantial difference between an experienced fighter having a strategic build and somebody that relies solely on the game's decision-making. A guide to the Fighter Build in Dark and Darker is provided below with the necessary information you should know.

For beginner players, the Fighter is a superb class. You are liberated to concentrate solely on learning the game's basics - how you can scavenge, how you can defend oneself, and how you can extract - without needing to worry about having any real advantages or drawbacks.

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A well-rounded class

Has a chance to sprint

Can function as a tank inside a team environment


Relies on weapons to improve performance

Unable to cast spells

May become extremely sluggish when wearing heavy armor

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Best perks for Fighter in Dark and Darker

The idea is quite simple, you need to use your shield whenever possible while maintaining a swift and powerful attack against other threats. For this, we recommend the following 4 perks in the next order:


Swift reduces your armor's limitation on movement by 20%. Given that you always put on the armor the moment it is discovered inside a dungeon, the movement penalty might accumulate quickly, causing you to be vulnerable to both rogues and wizards. The movement penalty will not be eliminated with this, however, it will be even less severe.

Shield Expert

While keeping your shield track of the right click, Shield Expert grants an additional 10% movement speed. Hold your shield up whilst your assailant attacks, but make an effort to strafe through it so you have an opportunity to strike back. Combat having a Fighter involves this because the shield serves as a safeguard in the event that your strafing is failing.

Counter Attack

The Counter Attack perk accelerates both your movement and attack for three seconds if the attacker strikes your shield. This gives you sufficient time for you to counter-strafe, deliver your damage, and perhaps complete a full combination depending on the weaponry you're using. This bonus, coupled with Shield Expert, helps make the Fighter a terrifying class.

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