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Appian ACD100 Certification Exam covers a wide range of topics, including Appian architecture, interface design, process modeling, data management, integrations, security, and testing. ACD100 exam is divided into two parts, with the first part consisting of multiple-choice questions and the second part being a hands-on practical exercise. ACD100 exam is designed to be challenging, but it is also fair and objective. It is an excellent way for developers to prove their expertise in Appian development and distinguish themselves in the job market.

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The Appian Certified Associate Developer certification program is beneficial for individuals looking to advance their career in software development, particularly in the low-code development space. The ACD100 certification provides a competitive edge to candidates and demonstrates their proficiency in developing applications on the Appian platform. Appian Certified Associate Developer certification validates the skills of individuals in developing complex applications, streamlining business processes, and integrating data from various sources. ACD100-certified developers are in high demand in the job market and can expect to receive higher salaries and more job opportunities.

Appian ACD100 certification exam is a valuable asset for individuals looking to further their career in Appian development. ACD100 exam tests the candidate's knowledge of Appian architecture, design patterns, and development tools and requires a significant amount of preparation and study. Becoming an Appian Certified Associate Developer is a valuable achievement that can lead to new opportunities and increased marketability in the Appian development industry.

Appian Certified Associate Developer Sample Questions (Q41-Q46):

You need to edit data in a table. You ate currently using the following statement:
INSERT INTO product (productId, productName) VALUES (3, "App1e");
What is the issue?

  • A. You should be using an EDIT statement.
  • B. You forgot the WHERE clause in your statement.
  • C. You should be using an UPDATE statement.
  • D. You should be using a CREATE statement.

Answer: D

You want to retrieve data from the database to show on your form.
Which option should you use?

  • A. a!query()
  • B. a!querySelection()
  • C. a!queryEntity()
  • D. a!queryColumn()

Answer: C

What type of variable can only be used within the context of a particular expression, and can only be accessed within the function that defines them?

  • A. Rule Input Variable
  • B. CDT Variable
  • C. Local Variable
  • D. Process Variable

Answer: C

An organization has data spread across multiple platforms outside of Appian. They want to create an Appian application to leverage this data.
Which record type data source should they use?

  • A. Database
  • B. Web Service
  • C. Salesforce
  • D. Process

Answer: B

During what stage of the Appian Delivery Methodology does story-pointing regularly occur?

  • A. Release
  • B. Optimize
  • C. Initiate
  • D. Build

Answer: D


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