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UiPath-Ardv1 Certification Path

UiPath Core Certified User is a recommended entry-level exam to UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD). We encourage all candidates to become UiPath Core Certified Users as their first step in our certification program, though it is not required, candidates can directly appear for UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) UiPath-Ardv1 Exam.

UiPath-ARDv1 exam is a globally recognized certification that can help professionals advance their careers in the field of RPA development. UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam (UiARD) certification demonstrates that the candidate has the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop complex automation solutions using UiPath software. UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam (UiARD) certification can also help professionals stand out from their peers and increase their earning potential.

UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam (UiARD) certification exam is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in using UiPath's RPA tools. UiPath-ARDv1 exam is intended for those who have experience in developing and deploying RPA solutions using UiPath's tools. The UiARD certification exam is a comprehensive assessment of an individual's knowledge of UiPath's RPA tools, including their ability to design, develop, and deploy complex RPA solutions.

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UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam (UiARD) Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

This is a reliable selector for a dynamic web page: webctrl idx='144' tag='IMG'/ Options are :

  • A. False
  • B. True

Answer: A

Which action is performed when the Validate File button is pressed on the "Analyze File" drop-down in UiPath Studio?

  • A. Checks all the project.xaml files for validation errors
  • B. Checks only the current file for validation errors
  • C. Checks only the project.json file for validation errors
  • D. Checks only the Main.xaml file for validation errors

Answer: A

You are creating a Credential asset in Orchestrator as shown in the following exhibit.

Once the asset is created, what are you unable to edit using the default Orchestrator settings?

  • A. Password
  • B. Type
  • C. Asset name
  • D. Username

Answer: B

A developer wants to assign a value to a two-dimensional array of strings named newArray. What expression can be used in the Assign activity?

  • A. newArray = {("UiPath","Udemy"), ("HUB Academy", "RPA")}
  • B. newArray = ({"UiPath","Udemy"}, {"HUB Academy", "RPA"})
  • C. newArray = {({"UiPath","Udemy"}), ({"HUB Academy", "RPA"})}
  • D. newArray = {{"UiPath","Udemy"}, {"HUB Academy", "RPA"}}

Answer: C

newArray = {({"UiPath","Udemy"}), ({"HUB Academy", "RPA"})} is the correct way to initialize a two-dimensial array of strings.
UiPath Documentation
UiPath Forum
Exam Topic: Describe how to work with complex data structures and data manipulation; for example, datatables and collections

A developer has created a process that gathers a listing of stock market prices in the following format <Symbol>_<Price>USD (<Company Name>).
How should the third line in RegEx Builder be modified to ensure that only items with prices of at least 100 are identified?

  • A. RegEx: Digit
    Value: \d
    Quantifiers: Exactly 3
  • B. RegEx: One of
    Value: 123456789
    Quantifiers: Between 2 and 4
  • C. RegEx: Literal
    Value: [0-9]
    Quantifiers: At least one (1 or more)
  • D. RegEx: Any word character
    Value: \w
    Quantifiers: Exactly 3

Answer: A

Exactly 3 digits would ensure that the price is at least 100 USD, as any price below would have only up to 2 digits.

Exam Topic: Identify how methods, activities, and the RegEx Builder are used for string manipulation and regular expressions.


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