Latest Jordan 2020, Love, Basketball" series has aroused repercussions throughout the brand's product line. Soon, there will be many releases for adults, including the upcoming Air Max 90. Like many previous works, this couple uses colors and logos to express themes. For example, on the label behind the heel, the symbol of peace and heart is embroidered on the right and sewn in with very thick, black strokes. The logo again appears in the graphic, multi-color insole, which is in serious contrast with the more neutral arrangement of its appearance. However, although mostly wearing gray, white and black panels, its eyes are still red, blue, yellow and green to complement the tongue tag.

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Newly Jordans After New Balance 992 swept through 2020, it lost some momentum in 2021. If you haven't added one to your wardrobe, this dim but neon color is available now. Only a few steps away from the "three blacks", the uppers of these shoes are mainly composed of black suede, mesh, leather and other materials. Even the tooling follows a suitable hue, matching the lining and lace adjacent to each other. Only on the upper, sole and "N" logo, the colors begin to take effect. These three colors are combined by red, blue and high-gloss green.

Buy Jordan 2021 There is no doubt that as one of the most anticipated women's singles this year, the Air Jordan 4 "Shimmer" will land in a few weeks. But before that, please enjoy the close-up of the official picture. Although some people may compare it to Off-White 4 in 2020, its color scheme is actually extracted from makeup—especially, in today's palette, there are so many neutral tones. Polished leather and matte give the building a high-class feel, and over time, its natural color will form a dark luster. The slightly transparent TPU wings help rather than hinder the look, while complementing the net, the middle panel of the skirt and the upper. Then, the climax of all this is the Jumpman brand of the tongue, whose electroplating refers to the mirror on the cosmetics mentioned earlier.