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Value of the SAP C_TSCM62_67 Exam

SAP C_TSCM62_67 Exam is undoubtedly the most recognized and demanded exam from SAP certification program. It covers a wide range of technologies and skills.

Value of the exam: The SAP C_TSCM62_67 exam is designed in such a way to ensure that it will be able to test each and every student's knowledge on each and every topic related to SAP Certified Associate.

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Before starting the SAP C_TSCM62_67 preparation, plan the amount of time you will allot to each topic, determine the topics that demand more effort and prioritize the components that possess more weightage in the SAP C_TSCM62_67 Exam. This kind of polished approach is beneficial for a commendable grade in the SAP C_TSCM62_67 Exam.

SAP C-TSCM62-67 exam is designed for professionals who are looking to validate their skills and knowledge in the sales and distribution module of SAP ERP 6.0. C_TSCM62_67 exam is intended for individuals who are seeking to become certified application associates in this specific area of SAP. SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP7 certification is highly sought after by employers in industries such as manufacturing, retail, and distribution.

SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP7 Sample Questions (Q70-Q75):

As a member of the project team, you are asked to set up the system so that user has to enter an order reason when processing a sales order. It should be possible to save the incomplete order, but further processing should not be possible until the Order Reason field is filled.
How do you implement this requirement? Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field, assign it to the sales document type, and set the status to "released for further process steps".
  • B. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and mark it as mandatory.
  • C. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and assign a status group in which the fields General, Delivery, and Billing Document are selected.
  • D. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and assign it to a sales document type that has the "Incompletion Message" indicator set.

Answer: C

What settings are mandatory when implementing a packing process based on the delivery?
(Choose two)

  • A. You have to create material master records for the different packaging materials.
  • B. You must activate automatic packing for the relevant delivery item categories.
  • C. You must create a sales bill of material (BOM) that determines the packaging materials.
  • D. For each delivery item category, you have to decide whether the item can be packed, cannot be packed, or must be packed.

Answer: A,D

When evaluating SAP components, SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) monitors the following? Please select all the correct answers that apply.

  • A. General component status
  • B. System configuration
  • C. Hardware
  • D. Database administration

Answer: A,B,C,D

A sales order is to be delivered with a material and quantity using item category TAN.
What configuration settings are necessary? (Choose two)

  • A. The sales document type needs to be set to relevant for delivery.
  • B. The item category needs to be set to schedule line allowed.
  • C. The schedule line category needs be to set to relevant for delivery.
  • D. The item category needs to be set to "relevant for delivery" for value items.

Answer: B,C

When the delivery document is created, the system can perform checks at item level to ensure compliance with business requirements.
What elements can be checked by the system at item level? (Choose three)

  • A. Route to the customer
  • B. Overdelivery
  • C. Minimum quantity
  • D. Zero quantity
  • E. Billing date

Answer: B,C,D


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