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F5 303 exam is designed for IT professionals who have experience working with F5 ASM solutions, network administrators, security analysts, security consultants, and security engineers. As the demand for secure web applications grows, the need for certified ASM specialists has also increased. The F5 303 certification validates an individual’s expertise in ASM, a vital aspect of securing web applications.

The F5 303 exam covers a wide range of topics, including basic and advanced BIG-IP ASM concepts, policy creation and management, security reporting and analysis, and troubleshooting issues related to application security. Candidates who pass the F5 303 exam are recognized as experts in BIG-IP ASM and can demonstrate their ability to design and implement secure application environments using F5 technologies. BIG-IP ASM Specialist certification is valuable for IT professionals who work in security or infrastructure roles and want to enhance their credentials and career opportunities.

F5 303 exam is a computer-based exam that is administered at Pearson VUE testing centers around the world. 303 exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and candidates have 90 minutes to complete the exam. In order to pass the exam, candidates must achieve a score of 69% or higher. Exam results are typically available immediately after the exam is completed.

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F5 BIG-IP ASM Specialist Sample Questions (Q423-Q428):

An LTM Specialist is creating a custom EAV monitor.
In which directory should the LTM Specialist upload the script?

  • A. /usr/monitors
  • B. /config/monitors
  • C. /config/templates
  • D. /usr/monitor
  • E. /usr/bin/monitors

Answer: B

-- Exhibit -

-- Exhibit --
Refer to the exhibit.
An LTM Specialist configures a virtual server to load balance to a pool of FTP servers. File transfers are failing. The virtual server is configured as follows:
ltm virtual ftp_vs {
ip-protocol tcp
pool ftp_pool
profiles {
tcp { }
Which change will resolve the problem?

  • A. Increase the TCP timeout value in the TCP profile.
  • B. Add an FTP profile to the virtual server.
  • C. Add an FTP monitor to the pool.
  • D. Enable loose initiation in the TCP profile.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit

A connection is being established to IP on port 8080.
Which virtual server will handle the connection?

  • A. fwdvs
  • B. fwd_8080_vs
  • C. host_ 8080_VS
  • D. host_vs

Answer: D

An application is sensitive to packet loss and unexpected session termination. A pair of LTM devices is configured in an Active/Standby high availability configuration. SNATS are NOT used and the virtual server contains a Universal Persistence profile.
which two actions must an LTM Specialist take to ensure the sessions are maintained between the client and server during an LTM device failover event while maintaining maximum uptime? (Choose two.)

  • A. configure a VLAN and primary mirroring address for mirror traffic
  • B. enable Mirroring for a virtual server and persistence profile
  • C. configure a OneConnect profile to mirror connections
  • D. enable Clone Pools for a virtual server and a persistence profile
  • E. configure a serial failover cable for mirror traffic

Answer: A,B

-- Exhibit -

-- Exhibit --
Refer to the exhibit.
A company uses a complex piece of client software that connects to one or more virtual servers (VS) hosted on an LTM device. The client software is experiencing issues. An LTM Specialist is tasked with finding the cause of the problem.
The LTM Specialist has the tcpdump extract and knows the client software has at least one connection to a VS on port 1990. However, when a tcpdump runs on the internal VLAN, there is no record of port 1990 in the tcpdump.
Why is there no record of port 1990 in the tcpdump?

  • A. The LTM device performs a Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • B. The LTM device performs a Port Address Translation (PAT).
  • C. Port 1990 is a well-known port, so its use is restricted.
  • D. The LTM device drops the connection.

Answer: B


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