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SAP Customer Data Cloud solution is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage their customer data and provide a personalized experience to their customers. The solution provides a range of features such as customer registration, social login, profile management, and consent management. It also offers advanced capabilities such as single sign-on, access management, and identity verification. The SAP Customer Data Cloud solution is used by businesses of all sizes and industries to deliver a seamless and secure customer experience.

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SAP C_C4H620_24 Practice Exams Questions

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SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud Sample Questions (Q12-Q17):

Which capabilities does the UI Builder provide? Note: There are 3 correct answer to this question

  • A. Multi-device preview
  • B. Language translation support
  • C. CSS editor
  • D. E-mail template editor
  • E. Policy editor

Answer: A,B,C

You are doing a client-side implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud using the JavaScript SDK. You had previously recorded user behavior data in the store, and would like to record additional user behavioral data (such as activities and progress) in the form of an array. Which function would meet your requirement?

  • A.{ oid:"$UID$", type: "behavior", updateBehavior: "arrayPush", data: { activity: [{ type: "checkout", updated: "2019-01-01" } ] }})
  • B.{ oid:"$UID$", type: "behavior", updateBehavior: "arraySet", data: { activity: [{ type: "checkout", updated: "2019-01-01" } ] }})
  • C. gigya.ds.setSchema({ oid:"$UID$", type: "behavior", updateBehavior: "arraySet", data: { activity: [{ type: "checkout", updated: "2019-01-01" } ] }})
  • D. gigya.ds.setSchema({ oid:"$UID$", type: "behavior", updateBehavior: "arrayPush", data:{ activity: [{ type: "checkout", updated: "2019-01-01" } ] }})

Answer: A

Which capabilities do mobile native Screen-Sets provide? Note: There are 2 correct answer to this question

  • A. Login with mobile phone number and password
  • B. Routing between screens to create custom flows
  • C. Display custom screens based on JSON markup
  • D. Mobile optimization of Web-based Screen-Sets

Answer: B,D

You are implementing a native registration flow using the mobile SDK as follows: Call accounts.initRegistration. Call accounts.register with the loginID and password, and regToken. Account goes to pending registration status - missing required fields. Call accounts.setAccountlnfo with required fields dat a. Call accounts.finalizeRegistration. However, you are getting a permission error when performing steps 3 and 4. Which parameters should be passed to steps 3 and 4 to stop the error?

  • A. The password
  • B. The regToken
  • C. An app key and secret
  • D. The loginID

Answer: B

You are building a registration form where users will add information about the make and model of all the cars they own. How would you create the two fields you need to add to your data schema?

  • A. "cars_make":{"type": "string"},"cars_model":{"type": "string"}
  • B. "carsMake": {"type": "stringO"},"carsModel":{"type": "string[]"}
  • C. "cars.make": {"type": "string"},"cars.model": {"type": "string"}
  • D. "carsMake": {"type": "array"},"carsModel":{"type": "array"}

Answer: A


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