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Facebook 410-101 Certification Exam is suitable for anyone who wants to become a Facebook Certified media buying professional. This includes marketing professionals, social media managers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to improve their Facebook advertising skills. Facebook Certified media buying professional certification is also useful for businesses that want to ensure their employees have the knowledge and expertise needed to create successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Certified media buying professional Sample Questions (Q72-Q77):

Your client owns an online nutrition membership program for women, where customers get tips, diets, and discounts on a weekly basis.
They now want to launch a new blog for content marketing purposes, and would like to categorize the content into three buckets:
Weight loss
You've already installed the Facebook pixel on their website; however, you now need to add an additional event pixel code to the blog so that you can track content better.
Which pixel event do you install on the blog?
Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A. Complete Registration
  • B. View Content
  • C. Generate Lead

Answer: B

Facebook Pixel allows you to track events, or specific actions, people take on your website.
For this specific case, you should use the View Content Event pixel to track specific visits to the blog posts.

You can use URL's for your ads afterward as well; however, once you have +25 blog posts, using URL's becomes unpractical.
Here is the list of the 9 standard events you can use:

For more detailed information you can view the following Facebook for developers post:

The agency your are working at just landed a big client. A record label who works with up-and-coming artists and has successfully launched careers of several artists.
You are on the team responsible for the launch of a new album recorded by an up-and-coming rock band.
They also plan to hold a multi-city tour in the next 4 months.
The record label has realized that in order to sell-out concerts, they need to maximize reach to audiences interested in "rock" for 1 month with multiple ads prior to the concert. You have video and image content as creative.
What are some of the recommendations you make for running these ads?
Select all that apply.
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. You should use auction buying option and set frequency between 1-2 per week.
  • B. You should use reach and frequency buying option and set frequency between 1-2 per week.
  • C. You should build a core audience based on people interested in rock related topics.
  • D. You should build a custom audience based on people interested in rock.
  • E. You should use reach and frequency buying option and set frequency between 5-6 per week.

Answer: C,E

Generally, large brand advertisers are most successful when they focus on reaching more people. They can do that by choosing a lower frequency cap (like 1-2 ads per week).
However, newer brands with less brand recognition who are running shorter campaigns may create more memorable impressions by increasing their frequency cap to show more ads to a smaller group of people and maximize awareness.
In this case, since you have a "lesser known" rock band, you need to increase frequency up to 6 times per week. You also want to use "Reach and Frequency" since your objective is to maximize reach. Each time you see "maximize reach" in your campaigns, the answer will most likely be "reach and frequency".
You also want to build a core audience based on people interested in rock music in each city in order to run the advertising campaigns.

Your client is running a branding campaign on TV and wants to increase their online presence through Facebook.
You recommend using Facebook TRP buying plan as a good option, but since your client is new to Facebook platform, they want to understand its benefits better to plan, buy, and measure branding campaigns in conjunction with TV advertising?
Select all that apply.
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Your client will be able to compare Facebook campaigns with your TV traditional media campaigns.
  • B. You can do direct response marketing to new audiences.
  • C. You are going to be able to reduce your customer's budget as users tend to react more to Facebook than TV ads.
  • D. You can use Nielsen's Digital Ad Rating to measure the effectiveness of the campaign to compare with TV ads.
  • E. You can optimize and find audiences that are most likely to recall ads when using Facebook brand awareness option.

Answer: A,C,D,E

Facebook TRP Buying has the following benefits primarily:
* Incremental Target Audience Reached: Measured across 42 US campaigns, when TV and Facebook were combined, advertisers saw a 19% increase in targeted reach versus TV alone. When Millennials were the target audience, incremental reach increased to 37%.
* Efficiency: Across the same 42 campaigns, Facebook impressions were two times more likely to hit their target audience than TV impressions. This means advertisers spent less to reach their target audiences.
* Effectiveness: A study by Nielsen of seven recent campaigns showed that, compared to people who saw TV alone, people exposed to both TV and Facebook demonstrated a 3.2 percentage point increase in ad memorability, 11.5 percentage point increase in brand linkage, and a 22.7 percentage point increase in like-ability linkage.
* Measure Traditional Campaigns: With Facebook TRP buying, advertisers can measure traditional channels with online channels equally through third-party providers.
Facebook currently partnered with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings in order to verify on-target impressions. Keep in mind that all TV marketing efforts that run in conjunction with Facebook TRP buying ads should be geared towards branding campaigns, not direct response campaigns.

You own a business with multiple franchise locations. You want to open a Fan Page for all of your franchise locations, but still hold control of your branding and content.
How should you set up your Fan Page with multiple franchise locations?
Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A. You are not able to set up franchise locations on Facebook.
  • B. Open a Global Fan Page.
  • C. Open one Fan Page with multiple locations.
  • D. Open a new Fan Page for each location.

Answer: C

With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all of your franchise locations on Facebook.
This structure is often referred to as the parent-child relationship, where your main brand page is the parent, and individual locations are the children.

There are several advantages to this approach:
* Brand consistency and control.
* Increased visibility for individual locations.
* Location finder.
* Easier management of multiple pages.

What are all of the mobile advertiser ID's you can utilize to build a custom audience?
Select all that apply.
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Google User ID
  • B. Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA)
  • C. Android's Advertising ID
  • D. Facebook User ID

Answer: B,C,D

You can create ads targeting people by customer lists. One of the data sources you can use is mobile advertiser IDs.
* Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA): An advertising ID that Apple provides as part of iOS in its ads framework.
* Android's Advertising ID: An advertising ID that Google provides as part of Google Play services.
* Facebook User ID: If people are logged in to your app via Facebook, you can use their Facebook User ID for targeting.
You can't run Google IDs currently on Facebook to identify users.


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