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The Open Group OGA-031 (ArchiMate 3 Part 1) Exam is ideal for professionals who are involved in enterprise architecture, such as architects, designers, developers, analysts, and consultants. ArchiMate 3 Part 1 Exam certification demonstrates that individuals have a thorough understanding of the ArchiMate 3 modeling language and can effectively use it to create and analyze enterprise architectures. ArchiMate 3 Part 1 Exam certification is recognized globally and is highly valued by organizations that use enterprise architecture to improve their business processes and operations. It is also a prerequisite for individuals who wish to pursue further certification in ArchiMate, such as the ArchiMate 3 Part 2 Exam.

The The Open Group OGA-031 exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have 60 minutes to complete it. The questions are designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of the ArchiMate 3.0.1 specification, which is the latest version of the language. OGA-031 exam is computer-based and can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center around the world.

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The OGA-031 (ArchiMate 3 Part 1) Certification Exam is a valuable certification for individuals who use the ArchiMate modeling language to describe, analyze, and visualize enterprise architecture. OGA-031 exam covers the core concepts of the language and its application in different scenarios, and is intended for individuals who have experience using the language to create and analyze architectural models. ArchiMate 3 Part 1 Exam certification is offered by The Open Group, a global consortium that promotes open standards and global interoperability to drive innovation and business success.

The Open Group ArchiMate 3 Part 1 Exam Sample Questions (Q39-Q44):

What are the types of elements defined in the top-level language structure of the ArchiMate concepts?

  • A. Active, Behavior, Passive
  • B. Abstract, Core, Composite
  • C. Behavior, Composite, Motivation, Structure
  • D. Application, Business, Strategy, Technology

Answer: C

Based on the ArchiMate 3 documents or objectives, the top-level language structure of the ArchiMate concepts defines four types of elements: Behavior, Composite, Motivation, and Structure. Behavior elements represent units of activity performed by one or more active structure elements. Composite elements represent collections of other concepts that belong together based on some criteri a. Motivation elements represent the reasons for designing and implementing an architecture. Structure elements represent structural concepts that model the static construction or composition of concepts of the same or different types.

Which of the following answers best interprets the diagram?

  • A. The CMO is motivated by the driver Market Share.
  • B. The CMO has a goal related to Market Share
  • C. The CMO is concerned with the driver Market Share.
  • D. The CMO has a requirement to increase Market Share.

Answer: A

According to the ArchiMate 3.2 Specification1, a driver represents an external or internal condition that motivates an organization to define its goals and implement the changes necessary to achieve them. Drivers that are associated with a stakeholder are often called "concerns" of that stakeholder. A stakeholder represents the role of an individual, team, or organization (or classes thereof) that represents their interests in the outcome of the architecture. A motivation element is an element that represents the reasons for designing and implementing an architecture, such as stakeholders, drivers, goals, principles, requirements, or value. A motivation element is denoted by a hexagonal shape.
The diagram below shows a motivation element (driver) named Market Share that influences a stakeholder named CMO. The influence relationship is denoted by a dashed line with an open arrowhead.
The influence relationship means that the driver affects the stakeholder's interests or concerns. Therefore, the best interpretation of the diagram is that the CMO is motivated by the driver Market Share.

What are external active structure elements also called?

  • A. Capabilities
  • B. Services
  • C. Resources
  • D. Interfaces

Answer: D

According to the ArchiMate 3.2 Specification1, external active structure elements are also called interfaces. An interface represents a point of access where one or more services are offered by an active structure element to its environment1. Therefore, the correct answer is B. Interfaces.

Which of the following is the correct relationship between the bottom elements and the top element?

  • A. Realization
  • B. Aggregation
  • C. Specialization
  • D. Access

Answer: B

Based on the ArchiMate 3 documents or objectives, an aggregation relationship indicates that an element groups a number of other concepts. The aggregation relationship has been inspired by the aggregation relationship in UML class diagrams. Unlike composition, aggregation does not imply an existence dependency between the aggregating and aggregated concepts. The notation for an aggregation relationship is a solid line with an empty diamond at the end that points to the whole element. The diagram uses an aggregation relationship from the bottom elements to the top element to indicate that the top element groups the bottom elements.

Consider the following fragment of the conceptual model of an Architecture Description from ISO!IEC 42010:

Which answer correctly identifies A and B?

  • A. A-Model Kind, B-Model
  • B. A=Architecture View, B=Architecture Viewpoint
  • C. A=Whole System, B=Aspects
  • D. A=Stakeholder, B=Concem

Answer: B

According to the conceptual model of architecture description from ISO/IEC 42010, an architecture view is a representation of a system from the perspective of a set of concerns. An architecture viewpoint is a specification of the conventions and rules for constructing and using an architecture view. A and B in the diagram correspond to these concepts respectively.


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