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Adobe AD0-E718 exam is a challenging test that requires candidates to have a deep understanding of Adobe Commerce and its underlying technologies. AD0-E718 exam is designed to test candidates' knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, including architecture and design, development and customization, deployment and configuration, and performance and scalability. Candidates who successfully pass the exam will be recognized as Adobe Commerce Architect Masters and will have the skills and knowledge necessary to design and develop Adobe Commerce solutions.

Adobe AD0-E718 exam comprises of multiple-choice questions that cover a wide range of topics, including Adobe Commerce architecture, deployment, customization, and integration. Candidates need to have a thorough understanding of the Adobe Commerce architecture, including the various components, modules, and extensions. Additionally, they should be familiar with Adobe Commerce deployment options, such as cloud hosting, on-premises, or hybrid. Finally, candidates should have experience in integrating Adobe Commerce with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, and payment gateways. A passing score on the Adobe AD0-E718 exam is a testament to a candidate's expertise in Adobe Commerce, making them a valuable asset to any organization looking to implement or maintain Adobe Commerce solutions.

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Adobe AD0-E718 exam, also known as the Adobe Commerce Architect Master exam, is a certification exam designed for professionals with advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Adobe Commerce. Passing AD0-E718 exam demonstrates your ability to design and architect complex Adobe Commerce solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization or clients.

Adobe Commerce Architect Master Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

An external system integrates functionality of a product catalog search using Adobe Commerce GraphQL API. The Architect creates a new attribute my_attribute in the admin panel with frontend type select.
Later, the Architect sees that Productinterface already has the field my_atcribute, but returns an mc value. The Architect wants this field to be a new type that contains both option id and label.
To meet this requirement, an Adobe Commerce Architect creates a new module and file etc/schema.graphqls that declares as follows:

After calling command setup:upgrade, the introspection of Productlnterface field xy_attribute remains int. What prevented the value type of field my_attribute from changing?

  • A. The interface Productlnterface is already declared in Magento.CatalogGraphQI module. Extending requires use of the keyword -xceni before a new declaration of Productlnterface.
  • B. The fields of Productlnterface are checked during processing schema.graphqls files. If they have a corresponding attribute, then the backendjype of product attribute is set for field type.
  • C. The Magento.CatalogGraphQI module occurs later in sequence than the Magento.GraphQI module and merging output of dynamic attributes schema reader overrides types declared in schema.graphqls

Answer: B

According to the Adobe Commerce Developer Guide1, the fields of ProductInterface are checked during processing schema.graphqls files. If they have a corresponding attribute, then the backend_type of product attribute is set for field type. Therefore, the value type of field my_attribute remains int because it corresponds to the attribute my_attribute that has a frontend type select and a backend_type int.

An Adobe Commerce Architect needs to scope a bespoke news section for a merchant's Adobe Commerce storefront. The merchant's SEO agency requests that the following URL structure:
news/{date}/{article_url_key}l where {date} is the publication date of the article, and {article_url_key} is the URL key of the article.
The Architect scopes that a news entity type will be created. The date and URL key data will be stored against each record and autogenerated on save. The values will be able to be manually overridden.
The Architect needs to manage routing this functionality and adhere to best practice.
Which two options should the Architect consider to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a standard controller route and an Index/Index index controller class that loads the relevant news article by matching the URL date and URL key parts.
  • B. Create a standard controller route and mapping the internal URLs (such as news/article/view/id/1) to rewrites that are generated on save and then stored in the URL rewrites table.
  • C. Create an observer that listens to the controllers_front_send_response_before event, looks for the mm portion of the URL, and If it matches, loads the relevant news article by matching the URL date and URL key parts.
  • D. Create a custom router that runs before the standard router and matches the news portion of the URL.then looks for and loads a news article by matching the date and URL key parts of the URL.
  • E. Create a plugin that intercepts lu