Concrete expansion joints are an important part of a building’s structure. They are used to absorb the expansion and contraction of concrete due to temperature changes, allowing the building to remain structurally sound. Expansion joints also help protect against cracking due to excessive movement or vibration.

Why do expansion joints need to be properly maintained?

Expansion joints repair is essential for keeping your building safe and structurally sound. If expansion joints are not properly maintained, they can become weak or damaged, resulting in cracking or collapse of the concrete structure. Some of the most common causes of expansion joint damage include water infiltration, freeze-thaw cycles, ground movement, and chemical exposure. Visit here for more.

Epoxy fillers can be used to fill those expansions

Epoxy plastic filler is a substance used to fill gaps and cracks in concrete. It is a blend of polyurethane and epoxy that creates a durable, flexible seal that provides protection against weathering and other environmental factors. Epoxy plastic filler is an ideal choice for repairing concrete expansion joints, as it is easy to use, cost-effective, and durable. Click here to know more.

The advantages of using epoxy plastic filler for expansion joint repair

• Durability

• Flexibility

• Cost-effectiveness

• Ease of application

• Can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Epoxy plastic filler creates a strong seal that prevents water infiltration and offers protection against weathering and other environmental factors. It also provides flexibility in the joint to allow for movement due to temperature changes or ground movement without cracking the concrete.

When hiring a company for the repair of concrete expansion joints, there are several things to keep in mind

• Make sure the company is experienced in this type of work and has a proven track record of successful projects.

• Ask for references from previous customers to get an idea of their work quality.

• Ensure they use quality materials and follow best practices when it comes to installation.

• Make sure they offer warranty on their work and are available for any future maintenance needs.

• Inquire about their pricing structure and make sure it is within your budget.

About ITW Performance Polymers:

ITW Performance Polymers is a global leader in epoxy plastic filler technology to repair concrete expansion joints. Their products provide superior protection against weathering, chemical exposure, water infiltration, and freeze-thaw cycles. ITW Performance Polymers has years of experience in providing quality products and services for successful projects around the world. With their excellent customer service and dedication to quality workmanship, ITW Performance Polymers is an ideal choice for all your expansion joint repair needs.

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