Manned elevators are all intelligent and automated equipment controlled by microcomputers and do not require specialized personnel to operate and drive. Ordinary passengers only need to follow the procedures below to ride and operate the elevator. Below, Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces the strategy of using elevators:

1.At the entrance of the elevator on the elevator floor, press the up or down arrow button according to your own upward or downward needs, and the elevator swipe card system. As long as the light on the button is on, it means your call has been recorded. Just wait for the elevator to arrive.
2. After the elevator arrives and opens the door, first let the people in the car get out of the elevator, and then the callers enter the elevator car. After entering the car, press the corresponding number button on the control panel in the car according to the floor you need to reach. Similarly, as long as the button light is on, it means that your floor selection has been recorded and the elevator access is controlled; no other operations are required at this time, as long as the elevator arrives at your destination floor and stops.

3. The elevator will automatically open the door when it reaches your destination floor. At this time, stepping out of the elevator in sequence will end the process of taking the elevator.