Many of the beauty services are not just to look good. They are therapy to soothe tired muscles.  This lockdown has proved to be one of the most physically, psychologically, and emotionally challenging for everyone. With almost every urban household with no support systems, balancing household chores with professional commitments have truly taken a toll on people's health. That's why it is critical that you avail salon services in either a sanitized salon or at home once the lockdown is relaxed and the parlours are open.  Apart from threading and waxing, pedicure is one of the most important services that you must avail.  

Top Benefits of a Good Pedicure are:

  1. Relaxes the tired feet
  2. Boosts self-confidence
  3. Relaxes the mind
  4. Prevents bacterial and fungal infection
  5. Exfoliates dead cells and moisturizing the foot

The most critical part of a pedicure is the pedicure chair and pedicure station.  With the best pedicure stations, you can satisfy your customers so that they can come back. An uncomfortable pedicure chair can mar the entire relaxing experience of a pedicure. Pedicure chair is not just for sitting, it is all about taking the comfort levels of the customer to the next level. When it comes to pedicure spa chairs, there are two variants, one with no plumbing and other completely pipeless. The first variant calls for manual filling up of water and the second variant that is the pipeless one has whirlpool jets that gently massages the foot.  For instance, Pedicure Spa Mystic with massager can deliver an amazing experience where the whole body receives various gentle massage movements that complement the pedicure service. 

So, if you are planning to open a spa or a salon, do make it a point to invest in high quality and feature-rich pedicure chairs. This is because pedicure and manicure are one of the most sought after services.  Most importantly, a high quotient of customer satisfaction ensures you a greater reach in the market and stronger hold of your client base. So here are some of the best practices for buying a pedicure chair with a massager and they are:

  • Buy acetone proof chairs, mostly acrylic based for a long term use.
  • Check -out the warranty period and the customer support offered by the brand.
  • Check the availability of replacement parts.
  • Check out all the functionalities promised by the brand and map it with detailed market research.

    Remember that some investments might pinch your pocket initially, but in the long run, they prove to be immensely ROI generating resources. In the salon business, this typically refers to the furniture and accessories and the most definitive of them is a pedicure chair.