It's an unfortunate fact, particularly in today's fraught economic climate, that probably the majority of printing services companies are selected on price. However, this will prove ultimately to be false economy.You can decide to choose services which are cheap, or you can choose based on quality, but you will very rarely, if ever, find quality that will be cheap.

In selecting your printing services partner, understand that how your company is portrayed, i.e. your brand, is not important, it is precious. It is how the planet sees you, and you would like that brand to be observed in the very best light possible. Perception is everything, particularly on earth of marketing. In case your potential customers have a perception of one's brand, and therefore your company, which is cheapened by having less quality in your printed marketing material, it's not so difficult to do you know what their perception of one's company will be.

These therefore are some important tips to remember whenever choosing a printing services company. They're all equally important, and are therefore in no particular order of importance.

Discover the length of time these customers have already been with the printing company, and whether they place repeat orders. An excellent quality printing company, one who's proud of the caliber of their work, will be pleased to print some samples for the company, so always request this.

There are lots of printing companies who offer their services online and no doubt a lot of them perform a good job. However, if you want your printed material to properly reflect the brand and company image which you want the market to own of your organization, if will be very rare that an online service will be able to supply that for you.

Do not be seduced by the offer of cheap prices and quick delivery times. Remember the connection, touched on above, between quality and price.

Finally, when you have selected the right company, focus on creating a long, and mutually rewarding, relationship with them. Taking this longer term strategic perspective, as opposed to finding someone who's the cheapest at any give time, will probably pay you back often times over.

Follow the simple steps outlined above and you'll surely find the appropriate company for you and your brand. And remember again, your brand, i.e. how your organization is perceived by your prospects, isn't important, it is totally precious.

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