Indigo is a dark and rich color that sits between blue and violet. It represents tranquility, harmony, confidence, and integrity and is ideal for use in a variety of graphic designs.
This article will give an in-depth introduction to what is indigo, including its meaning, specific color information, various shades, color schemes, and practical applications. Hopefully, you can take your designs to the next level with indigo color.

What Color is Indigo?
Indigo is a very captivating color, known as the color balance between violet and blue. It is visible in the light spectrum at a wavelength of 420-440 nanometers. It is also one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Indigo color is the darkest of the seven colors of the rainbow. It looks inconspicuous between blue and purple. However, because the relationship between red is added to blue, it has both the calmness of blue and the kinetic energy of red. Indigo is neither an additive nor a subtractive primary color.
Indigo gets its name from the plant, what is indigo, which can be made into Dacheng blue dye. Its root is derived from the Latin indicum, meaning "Indian", as the dye was originally exported from India to Europe. Indigo is an excellent colorant and has the best fixing power of all-natural pigments. It is used in architectural murals, utensil patterns, fabric dyeing, paints and varnishes, and other painting products.

Various Shades of What is Indigo Color
Indigo color comes in many shades. There are some subtle differences between them. Some shades are brighter, while others are softer. Below we describe them in detail and attach the hex codes to help you better understand the colors involved.
The electric indigo color is a bright and saturated color between traditional indigo and violet. It is a bright and vivid bluish-violet color representative of brilliant indigo dye. The color of electric indigo is close to the color of Spectrum Indigo from the computer screen display. It is the brightest colored indigo that can be approximated on a computer screen. Its complementary color is contrasting lime green.