Mobile application development is on the rise like never before, and it proportionally invites the need to perform thorough testing with the right mobile testing strategies. The strategies majorly involve the usage of various mobile test automation tools. Mobile testing tools help businesses automate their application testing and cut down the extra cost, time, and chances of human error.
We live in a mobile-driven world where every business vertical expands its base through mobile applications. According to Statista, the world will see 5 billion mobile users by 2030.To conduct business and be competitive, companies must reach out to as many people as possible. Businesses use mobile applications to expand business opportunities, promote brand awareness, acquire new customers and retain existing customers.
Application testing is one such metric which ensures that the customers get what they desire and deserve. It includes various aspects, such as certifying different operating systems, devices, combinations, etc., in an every-upgrading environment. In this blog on the best mobile test automation tools, we list the best 11 mobile test automation tools with their advantages and business-friendly features.

What is mobile app automation testing?
Before moving on to the best mobile test automation tools and frameworks list, let us first understand what mobile test automation is. Mobile app testing is one of the most vital steps of the development lifecycle. This includes testing the app for various devices and operating systems for its features. As the name suggests, mobile app automation testing is the process of testing mobile applications using one or more automation tools. By leveraging mobile app automation testing, businesses can be confident that their mobile app is ready to be released to the public.
Automation tools perform various tests that check the features and functionalities of an app. These tests include accessibility, efficiency, load time, performance, etc. Using automation testing tools to test mobile apps helps businesses reduce cost, time, and the probability of human error while testing applications and software.

Challenges while performing mobile app automation testing
As people are getting increasingly accustomed to high-class mobile apps, the challenge of creating better apps keeps increasing. This results in increased challenges for the QA/Automation team while performing testing of these apps. Below are five key challenges while performing mobile test automation.
There are more such challenges that businesses face while testing mobile apps. However, many great mobile test automation tools, like the ones mentioned below, help overcome such challenges and increase efficiency resulting in high test coverage.