Darknet Diaries is a podcast about cyber crime, hacking and the dark side of the internet. It explores true stories about hackers, prosecutors and police tracking down criminals The hidden wiki link in the internet’s dark corners.

Jack Rhysider is a wonderful storyteller who takes really complicated subjects like hacking and penetration testing and makes them accessible to everyone.
The Children in the Pictures

While most true crime podcasts present a victim’s story, Dark Web Diaries takes a different approach. Host Jack Rhysider peers under the rocks of cyber criminality and interviews hackers, security checkers, and professional analysts. Episodes cover crimes like hacking, data breaches, election rigging, cyber attacks and more. The wide breadth of this show makes it a must-listen for anyone interested in the darker side of the Internet.

The dark web is a growing universe of perpetrators engaging in a host of illicit activities including identity fraud, child pornography, drug dealing, firearm smuggling, and more. The first edition of this podcast provides a composite view of the types of crime that are occurring in this shadowy corner of the online world.

Apr. 23: The dark web made it possible for a pedophile to live stream his sexual assault of a 2-year-old girl, leading police to shut down the site and arrest the attacker. Apr. 30: An 18-year-old in Kansas was charged with gun running after authorities traced his online purchases of weapons and explosives.

The first 40 episodes were all Rhysider’s responsibility, but due to a passionate cult following the show has since expanded. The team now includes producers, writers, narrators, sound designers, and editors. They use a mix of structured narrative, interviews, and suspenseful scoring to create an enthralling podcast about the darker side of the Internet. This is one of the best true crime podcasts out there and a must-listen for anyone interested in hacking, data breaches and cyber crimes.
Dam Internet You Scary

Whether it’s a social engineer sweet-talking her way into robbing a bank or an NSA hacker getting their top secret tools stolen, this podcast covers cyber crimes that truly are “Darknet Diaries.” Follow host Jack Rhysider as he leads listeners through hacking, data breaches, election rigging and more. He interviews people like Google Project Zero researchers, hacker vloggers and penetration testers.

The 8-part documentary series follows the Queensland police’s investigation into a child exploitation website known as “The Children in the Pictures.” The investigators were able to use global connections and went undercover to take down the site. This is a fascinating look at how police work to protect our children online.
Sword and Scale’s

In a world where we can’t trust our phones or our computers, this podcast has brought light to cybercrimes that we might never have heard of. From a bank paying a social engineer to sweet-talk her way into robbing them, to a top secret set of hacking tools stolen out from under the noses of the NSA, this podcast covers all manner of dark internet stories.

This show has grown into a passionate cult following and is able to bring in experts to research, write, narrate, edit, record, and publish each episode. It has even inspired people to switch careers into information security and parents to teach their children safe online practices.
Dr. Dark Web

The dark web is a section of the internet that is not indexed by search engines, and can only be accessed using a special browser. It is sometimes compared to an ocean and an iceberg, with the vast majority of sites being hidden under the surface.

The most well known aspect of the dark web is its marketplaces, where users can buy or sell illegal products and services. This includes weapons, illegal drugs, information stolen from other websites and even people. Another common activity is the use of the dark web for communication, with sites offering anonymous chat services. These sites can connect users with anyone around the world, including people who are spies or criminals.

A significant portion of the dark web is comprised of databases, both public and private, that are not connected to other areas of the internet and can only be searched by specific software. These are often used by businesses, governments, and educational facilities to protect sensitive information.

As the popularity of the dark web grows, law enforcement agencies are getting better at finding and shutting down its sites. However, many of these sites simply move to another location. For example, a year after AlphaBay was shut down, it emerged as a new site in the dark web where it is now conducting commerce.

These sites can be accessed using a specialized browser called Tor that routes your searches through several computers operated by volunteers around the world. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to identify your identity or track your movements online. The Tor browser also allows you to send messages without knowing the recipient’s identity. This is accomplished by sending the message to a series of other Tor-enabled computers, called nodes, that each remove one layer of encryption before passing the message on.

The dark web is a dangerous place, and its popularity has grown as cybercriminals and spies have embraced it as a way to operate in the shadows. In addition to having the ability to communicate secretly with their partners, these criminals are also able to steal information from malware-infected users to extort money or to access their bank accounts. As a result, it is vital for everyone who uses the internet to have antimalware and antivirus protections in place.