VCESoft 考題網覆蓋了真實的 IIA-CIA-Part3 考試指南,並根據其編定適合全球考生都能通用的 IIA-CIA-Part3 題庫,讓每一位考生都能順利通過 IIA IIA-CIA-Part3 考試。我們承諾使用 IIA-CIA-Part3 考題的考生可以一次通過相關認證考試,對于一次不過的全額退款,避免您的後顧之憂。你現在就可以去網上可以免費下載我們提供的部分關於 IIA IIA-CIA-Part3 題庫的模擬測試題和答案作為嘗試。

IIA-CIA-Part3 認證考試,也稱為內部審計的商業知識,是獲得註冊內部審計師(CIA)稱號所需的三個考試之一。此考試侧重於內部審計師在其角色中取得成功所需的基本商業概念和技能。它包括 125 道多選題,考生有 2.5 小時的時間完成考試。

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VCESoft的IT專家團隊利用他們的經驗和知識不斷的提升考試培訓材料的品質,來滿足每位考生的需求,保證考生第一次參加IIA IIA-CIA-Part3認證考試順利的通過,你們通過購買VCESoft的產品總是能夠更快得到更新更準確的考試相關資訊,VCESoft的產品的覆蓋面很大很廣,可以為很多參加IT認證考試的考生提供方便,而且準確率100%,能讓你安心的去參加考試,並通過獲得認證。

IIA-CIA-Part3考試是一個基於計算機的考試,包括100道多選題。候選人有三個小時的時間完成考試,及格分數為800分中的600分。該考試提供多種語言版本,包括英語、西班牙語、法語、德語和中文。候選人可以在全球任何Pearson VUE測試中心參加考試。

最新的 Certified Internal IIA-CIA-Part3 免費考試真題 (Q117-Q122):

問題 #117
According to IIA guidance, which of the following is a primary component of a network security strategy?

  • A. Firewall controls.
  • B. Change management controls
  • C. Application input controls
  • D. Transmission encryption controls


問題 #118
The expected time of the critical path is:

  • A. 11.5 days.
  • B. 11.0 days.
  • C. 12.0 days.
  • D. 13.0 days.


The critical path is the longest path. The longest path in the diagram is A-D-E, which requires 13 days 5.5 + 7.5) based on expected times. The network diagram and the corresponding activity cost chart for a manufacturing project at Networks, Inc. are presented below. The numbers in the diagram are the expected times in days) to perform each activity in the project.

問題 #119
Three commonly employed systems for product costing are termed job-order costing operations costing, and process costing. Match the type of production environment with the costing method used.

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option D
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option C


Job-order costing is appropriate when producing products with individual characteristics and/or when identifiable groupings are possible. Process costing should be used to assign costs to similar products that are mass produced on a continuous basis. Operations costing is a hybrid of job order and process costing systems. It is used by companies that manufacture goods that undergo same similar and some dissimilar processes. Thus, job order costing would be appropriate for auto repair, operations costing for clothing manufacturing, and process costing for oil refining.

問題 #120
The balanced scorecard approach differs from traditional performance measurement approaches because it adds which of the following measures?
1. Financial measures
2. Internal business process measures.
3. Client satisfaction measures
4. Innovation and learning measures

  • A. 3 and 4 only.
  • B. 1 only.
  • C. 2, 3, and 4 only
  • D. 2 and 4 only.


問題 #121
Under IAS 2, Inventories all of the following should be decided when reporting inventories except:

  • A. The carrying amount of inventories in classifications appropriate to the entire.
  • B. An estimated amount of obsolete inventory included in the total inventory valuation.
  • C. The use of the lower-of-cost-or-net-realizable-value method, if applicable.
  • D. The cost formulas used.


According to IAS 2, Inventories, disclosures about inventories include, for example. The accounting policies applied in measuring inventories. including the cost formulas used, total carrying amount; carrying amount for each classification appropriate to the entity carrying amount of items carried at fair value minus costs to sell; amount of any reversal of write downs as income; reasons for such a reversal; and carrying amount of inventory pledged as security. Thus is disclosures under IAS 2 include the carrying amount of inventories carried at NRV, not the amount of ate inventory.

問題 #122


那麼,快來參加IIA的IIA-CIA-Part3考試吧,利用VCESoft IIA的IIA-CIA-Part3考試認證培訓資料來考試從來沒有過那麼容易,那麼快,對於不採用由AASP或SSA,實現IIA IIA-CIA-Part3最新試題認證證書證明的技能和知識,可以尋求由潛在的雇主,如蘋果經銷商或像一個學校系統的自我服務的實體人員,這樣可以很好的提高 IIA-CIA-Part3最新試題 - Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing 認證考試的通過率,讓準備參加 IIA-CIA-Part3最新試題 - Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing 考試的人更安心地選擇使用我們公司為你提供的考試練習題和答案通過考試,利用VCESoft IIA的IIA-CIA-Part3考試認證培訓資料來考試從來沒有過那麼容易,那麼快。

先不要高興的太早,能夠活著到達傳送點再說,之前問了那麽多,其實他的目的就是這個,那麼,快來參加IIA的IIA-CIA-Part3考試吧,利用VCESoft IIA的IIA-CIA-Part3考試認證培訓資料來考試從來沒有過那麼容易,那麼快。

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對於不採用由AASP或SSA,實現IIA認證證書證明的技能和知識,可以尋求由潛在的雇主,如(蘋果經銷商或像一個學校系統的自我服務的實體人員,這樣可以很好的提高 Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing 認證考試的通過率,讓準備參加 Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing 考試的人更安心地選擇使用我們公司為你提供的考試練習題和答案通過考試。

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