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To be eligible to take the PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam, candidates must have already passed the Pega Certified System Architect (CSA) and Pega Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) exams. Candidates must also have a minimum of six months hands-on experience working with Pega applications as a Lead System Architect.

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Pegasystems Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 86V2 Sample Questions (Q138-Q143):

you are configuring authentication for a pega web mashup implementation.
how do you ensure the host system origin is trusted?

  • A. in the authentication service spaecify the IACAuthverification activity
  • B. in the content security policy record specify the website as allowed
  • C. in the application definition, specify the protocol, host, and port
  • D. in the authentication service JNDI binding parameters, specify the protocol, host, and port.

Answer: C

Six weeks after you deliver your application to production, your users report that the application slows down in the afternoon. The application is almost completely unresponsive for some users shortly after
3:00 P.M. Other users do not experience this problem until later in the day.
You do not have access to the Production environment, but you do have access to AES. The production environment has three nodes and a load balancer.
You need to resolve this issue because a new division of the organization will start using the application next month.
How do you begin your research to diagnose the cause of the reported performance issue?

  • A. Review guardrail warnings in the development environment to determine if any rules with warnings moved to production.
  • B. Look at the performance profile and DB Trace output from each node.
  • C. Download the alert log file from each node and analyze the contents in the Pega Log Analyzer.
  • D. Observe the cluster and node status on the Enterprise Health Console.

Answer: D

An attribute-based access control configuration evaluate the attributes of the operator creating the case. A data page contains the value used in the evaluation.

  • A. Use the data page as a the policy condition value in the access control policy condition
  • B. Use the data page as a restriction method in the access control policy.
  • C. Use the data page as a the permit access if the value in the access control policy
  • D. Use the data page as a the policy condition column source in the access control policy condition

Answer: A

You want to create a dynamic system setting to adjust an alert threshold for you application in Production which three tasks do you perform to configure the DSS record?

  • A. specifying the node ID of the system used for performance monitoring
  • B. setting the owning ruleset to one of the application rulesets
  • C. Setting the owing ruleset tp pega-Engine
  • D. Prepending prconfig/ to the setting purpose
  • E. Appending / default to the setting purpose

Answer: C,D,E

A purchase order application allows users in their work group to read and write purchase request cases.
When the total amount exceeds usd10,000 however, only the work group manger can read and write the case. Select two configuration that satisfy the requirement. (choose two)

  • A. Use a reads access control policy with a condition that verifies the amount is less than USD10.000.
  • B. Add a privilege to the case type class that is conditionally granted when the purchase request amount is less than USD 10.000.
  • C. Configure conditional access in Access Manager to read and write a purchase request case when the amount is less than USD 10.000.
  • D. Configure the worklist to only display purchase requests greater than USD10.000 for the work group manager.

Answer: C,D


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