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Amazon AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty Sample Questions (Q33-Q38):

An SAP specialist is budding an SAP environment The SAP environment contains Amazon EC2 instances that fun in a private subnet in a VPC. The VPC includes a NAT gateway.
The SAP specialist is selling up IBM Db2 high availability disaster recovery for the SAP duster. After configuration of overlay IP address routing traffic is not routing to the database EC2 instances.
What should the SAP specialist do to resolve this issue?

  • A. Open a security group tor SAP ports to allow traffic on port 443
  • B. Create route table entries to allow traffic from the database EC2 instances to the NAT gateway
  • C. Create an IAM role that has permission to access network traffic Associate the role with the database EC2 instances
  • D. Turn off the source destination check for the database EC2 instances

Answer: B

A company is running an SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) system on an SAP HANA database that is
10 TB m size The company rs receiving notifications about long-running database backups every day The company uses AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA (AWS Backint agent) on an Amazon EC2 instance to back up the database An SAP NetWeaver administrator needs to troubleshoot the problem and propose a solution Which solution will help resolve this problem'?

  • A. Check the MaximumConcurrentFilesForRestore parameter tor AWS Backint agent Increase the parameter from 5 to 10 by using the aws-backint-agent-config yaml configuration file
  • B. Ensure that the backups are compressed if necessary configure AWS Backint agent to compress the backups and send them to an Amazon S3 bucket
  • C. Check the UploadChanneiSize parameter for AWS Backint agent increase this value in the aws-backint-agent-config yaml configuration file based on the EC2 instance type and storage configurations
  • D. Ensure mat AWS Backint agent is configured to send the backups to an Amazon S3 bucket over the internet Ensure that the EC2 instance is configured to access the internet through a NAT gateway

Answer: D

A company is using SAP NetWeaver with Java on AWS The company has updated its generation of Amazon EC2 instances to the most recent generation of EC2 instances When the company tries to start SAP the startup fails The tog indicates that the SAP license expired Of is not valid.
What is the reason for this issue?

  • A. An EC2 generation change is not supported for SAP Java-based systems
  • B. The instance ID changed as part of the EC2 generation change
  • C. The instance's hypervisor changed from Xen to Nitro
  • D. The SAP Java Virtual Machine (SAP JVM) is not compatible with the new instance type

Answer: C

A company is planning to move to AWS. The company wants to set up sandbox and test environments on AWS to perform proofs of concept (POCs) Development and production environments will remain on premises until the POCs are completed.
At the company's on-premises location SAProuter is installed on the same server as SAP Solution Manager. The company uses SAP Solution Manager to monitor the entire landscape The company uses SAP router to connect to SAP Support The on-premises SAP Solution Manager instance must monitor the performance and server metrics of the newly created POC systems on AWS. The existing SAP router must be able to report any issues to SAP What should an SAP solutions architect do to set up this hybrid infrastructure MOST cost-effectively''

  • A. Use AWS Site-to-Site VPN to connect the on-premises network to the AWS environment Connect the POC systems on AWS to the on-premises SAP Solution Manager instance and the on-premises SAP router instance
  • B. Add the POC systems on AWS to the existing SAP Transport Management System that is configured m the on-premises SAP systems
  • C. Install a new SAP Solution Manager instance and a new SAP router instance in the AWS environment install the Amazon CloudWatch agent on all on-premises instances Push the monitoring data to the new SAP Solution Manager instance Connect ail on-premises systems and POC systems on AWS to the new SAP Solution Manager instance and the new SAP router instance Remove the on-premises SAP Solution Manager instance and the on-premises SAP router instance Use the new instances on AWS
  • D. Install a new SAP Solution Manager instance and a new SAP router instance m the AWS environment Connect the POC systems to these new instances Use these new instances m parallel with the on-premises SAP Solution Manager instance and the on-premises SAP router instance

Answer: A

A company has an SAP environment that runs on AWS. The company wants to enhance security by restricting Amazon EC2 Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) to IMDSv2 only. The company's current configuration option supports both iMDSvi and iM0Sv2. The security enhancement must not create an SAP outage.
What should the company do before it applies the security enhancement on EC2 instances that are running the SAP environment?

  • A. Ensure that the AWS Data Provider for SAP is installed on each EC2 instance
  • B. Ensure that the SAP kernel versions are 7 45 or later
  • C. Stop the EC2 instances
  • D. Ensure that the EC2 instances are Nitro based

Answer: B


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