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The NCP-EUC certification exam is a challenging exam that requires a strong understanding of Nutanix VDI solutions. The exam is designed to test the candidate's skills and knowledge on Nutanix VDI solutions, including how to configure and manage Nutanix VDI solutions, how to troubleshoot VDI issues, and how to optimize VDI performance. Candidates who pass the NCP-EUC certification exam will have a deep understanding of Nutanix VDI solutions and will be able to provide expert advice to their customers on the design and implementation of Nutanix VDI solutions.

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Relevant Nutanix NCP-EUC Answers & NCP-EUC Associate Level Exam

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Nutanix Certified Professional - End - User Computing Sample Questions (Q52-Q57):

Refer the exhibit

An administrator is getting complaints from users regarding virtual desktop performance. The user base is a mixture of task workers, knowledge workers, and power users. The administrator suspects there are user Virtual desktops that are consuming resources and are starving the other virtual desktops from performing adequately.
How many virtual desktops are contributing to this issue?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: D

The CPU usage percentage indicates how much of the allocated CPU resources the virtual desktop is consuming.
A high CPU usage percentage means that the virtual desktop is using a lot of CPU resources, which can affect the performance of other virtual desktops on the same host or cluster.
According to Nutanix best practices, the recommended CPU usage percentage for virtual desktops is less than 80%.
VM-0001 (99%)
VM-0002 (98%)
VM-0003 (97%)
VM-0004 (96%)
VM-0005 (95%)
VM-0010 (85%)
VM-0016 (81%)
These virtual desktops are likely contributing to the performance issue by consuming too much CPU resources and starving other virtual desktops from performing adequately.

Which metric is available in customized reports when using the AHV Plug-in for Citrix Director?

  • A. VM Bandwidth latency
  • B. VM Average I/O latency
  • C. VM CPU Ready time
  • D. VM Network utilization

Answer: D

Nutanix AHV Plug-In for Citrix Director provides more information on Citrix generated desktops running on Nutanix AHV. Some of the metrics that are available in customized reports are:
VM CPU Usage
VM Memory Usage
VM Disk Bandwidth

The administrator has checked the logs to see the below output:
The API call sent to the VM via XD Plugin at [CDF logs]:

Following that while the VM is being powered OFF, query for the current VM state results in ON (the administrator sees a number of these until the VM is marked as power OFF) logs]:

Upon further review the administrator notices in COF logs, after a number of queries for the machine state, one results in a conflicting state, reporting the Power state as ON anc OFF [CDF logs) HCM should the administrator resolve the issue?

  • A. Delete Scheduled reboot settings
  • B. Create a Scheduled reboot cycle.
  • C. Increase the distribution time in Machine Update Rollout
  • D. Decrease the distribution time in Machine Update Rollout

Answer: B

An administrator wants to deploy 1 ,OOO virtual desktops on Nutanix AOS and wants to leverage a cloning technology from the company's chosen virtual desktop broker vendor which is Citrix.
What kind of Nutanix storage efficiency feature should the administrator use for this solution?

  • A. Compression + Deduplication
  • B. Deduplication
  • C. Deduplication + Capacity
  • D. Compression

Answer: B

one of the possible Nutanix storage efficiency features that the administrator can use for this solution is Deduplication. Deduplication is a technology that eliminates duplicate blocks of data and reduces storage consumption. Deduplication can be enabled on a per-container basis and can provide significant savings for Citrix virtual desktop deployments that use cloning technologies such as Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Provisioning Services (PVS)1.

An administrator supports a user group that spans across 10 Nutanix clusters for a medium-sized medical communications firm. The 10 Nutanix clusters are managed by a single Prism Central instance.
This group's virtual desktops are all cloned from a common gold image and all applications are published from a Citrix Virtual Apps farm. The administrator needs to keep the gold image in sync across all of the clusters.
What is the best way to achieve this?

  • A. use the native replication facility within the Machine Catalog
  • B. Upload the gold image to Prism Central Image Service.
  • C. use Move to maintain all gold images across the clusters.
  • D. Setup a Protection Domain with the gold image as 3 protected entity.

Answer: B

Prism Central Image Service allows you to upload and manage images through Prism Central by using the v3 API. You can also choose where your images will be available across different clusters123


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